1302 post screen shot if this is your current score for the First Weekly Raid Tournament

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Top players have over 1600 now.

Crazy so many at 1302. I finished with 1408. I assumed day 2 would provide more difficult opponents thinking it would scale up. I’ll have to look but I know my 5 raids the points bounced up and down not a gradual increase each one I faced.

I had also 1302 points.
I wanted to post that because its looks bizarre.
Now that I know I’m not alone, it calms me down.

I suspect they gave easy defenses for the first day so no one get kicked out early.
I can only imagine the whining if that happened

Got a few more days to go and I expect the defences to get harder and the scores to change.

Btw. I have 1441

Herp Derp

Sadly I’m not in the exclusive club and that makes me sad as poo :frowning:

How do I lower it

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Not 1302…

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Close just a little more then 1302

You are in the draw to win a brand new SAAB.


That will go great with my imaginary Hel, Poseidon, Alby and Ariel!

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I don’t want to see Colen, that mofo fired twice and almost burned my entire team.

I barely won vs 2400TP team.

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Yes! I am honored! Right in the 1302 club!

Me too… both accounts. I hit very early. Wonder if that made some difference? Later people seem a little higher. It will all sort itself out

Proud card carrying member of the 1302 club.

Well what do you know


And my first opponent on day two was one of our own 1302 members. sorry about that…

Strange. I had a 1302, but now 1800 something. What happened?

The Defense Scores got added.

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