⚔ [13 Jun, 2021] - 112th Raid Tournament - 3* Buff Booster, No Fire/Red

Your previous defence is super close to my choice this time, just Grevle instead of Brienne. So, I’m leaning toward that otherwise I would choose something different. :man_shrugging:t2: :joy:

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3th draft…

Inviting and punishing yellow stack in the same time? Any suggestion?


Figure i’ll go with this:

three buffs, two good hitters, and dispel. or could put in cIsshtak for more defense down and hit power i suppose, just one less buff.

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Swap Brienne and Merman, Brienne is too slow to wing, plus you want her to fire early anyways.

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thanks @rho, done! now hopefully i remember to take Brienne out of costume before I go to bed and the defense is set. :grin:

Got my Whacker maxed in time and his stats look so nice that I had to try him out. Put him in to replace Tyrum. Hoping he does a good job whacking the foes :heart_eyes:


And another week where I’m already late on Monday :see_no_evil:

First day:

O: 5-0
D: 0-0 (C)

Wasn’t really thinking about something great for defense, don’t have a green with emblems so I choose anything. I’m probably out at Wednesday or Thursday anyway so doesn’t really matter…

Mono teams normally don’t work well for me, but I had no real time to think about anything better.

Offense the first day so far was relative easy, but I haven’t faced any full +20 teams with max troops, that will come tomorrow.
I have seen 3 full S4 teams, Morris is still a joke, was the first S4 I leveled, didn’t like to play with him. Faced him in two teams today(one tank, one wing) , didn’t even noticed he was there, if he digs his hole I can ghost stones without regrets, the effect when he comes back is to small and short to be noticed.
On the other hand poppy is a killer wherever she stands.


O: 4-1
D: 0-1


Day 1

O : 5-0

I use Kvasir - Pixie - C Belith - C Brienne - CB Berden/Mnesseus in every attack. There board are pretty good today except the last attack. That yellow and green tile aren’t appear many but luckily it is heavy passive defense with only and Poppy and Morris as damage dealer. So, my Pixie shut down Poppy. Then it is a matter of time when yellow and green tile will appear enough…

D : 1-1


Day 1,


Had some nasty ugly boards today, but I managed to win by a sliver a couple of times.

I altered my defense team after having flashbacks and nightmares of buff booster tournaments where I got slash attacks of 1000 damage, so I went more buff heavy despite not having emblems on those heroes.

So far it worked, defense at 1-0. I hope it’s not a fluke.

Good luck everyone!


Nice 5-0 start to the tournament. Used a 4 Green stack (Whacker - cBelith - Carver - Grevle) + Poppy. It’s basically my defense team but with Carver in his normal form for the higher attack stat. Switched Belith back when facing Shrubbear and Brienne teams for the dispel.

Whacker was fun to use but he’s a bit crunchy without Grevle’s over heal. Maybe I should have chosen some shield nodes over the attack ones. Poppy, for the lack of a better word, just popped off today, hitting 3 enemies constantly.

Defense hasn’t started well at 0-2 but it’s still early.

Good luck all

Edit : I probably should have mentioned that I faced 3 Blue tanks and 2 Green ones, that’s why going Green worked.


Day 1:

O: 5-0, used my 3 greens from defence team (Grevle, c.Berden, Mneseus), Melia (+ Kvasir), Bjorn ( + c.Renfeld) in 3-2 or 3-1-1 setups. I think this could be my team selection for this week, it covers everything I needed so far.

D: 1-1, at least it’s not 0-0 or 0-1. :see_no_evil:


Offense: 4-1

Lost against this team!:

I know!

I have a crapload of red and blues… literaly i had no chance!


Smooth otherwise…

My def picked up a win so A


Offense day 1: 5-0
Defense at 1-0, so already improved on last week :joy:

Boards were reasonable, not really bad. Only lost a hero in the last match when against +20 S4


Figured I could use tyrum cleanse, so swapped yellow to purple… Guess the RNG didn’t catch up…

Yellow and red diamond ready to be made…

Still won easily. Thank you for stacking blues in a no red tournament


Day 1
O: 5-0 (yay)
D: 3-1 (yaaaaaay)

Bee dude continues to amaze me, even in non-bloody format he is just bloody good! (pardon the pun). Used 3-1-1 all 5 matches, the 1-1 always being Grevle and Kvasir. Rationale being Kvair is essentially a fast yellow “healer” who can give the team some meat shields early on, while Grevle can kick in slightly later for attack buff and overheal.

Surprisingly enough used Edd x2 for 3 of the matches, he hits very hard (90% of Balthazar’s snipe), and his buff block is mega useful for this format. Shrubbear? No problem, rather than relying on dispel, why not just turn him into a giant meat shield with Edd? He literally does nothing if Edd fires first.

Defense decided on this in the end (sorry @Slobix :sweat_smile: just wanted to try something new)

It’s an A (just barely) but I’ll certainly take it.


Day 2

O : 5-0 (10-0)

Go with Kvasir - Pixie - C Belith - C Brienne - CB Berden in every attack. I don’t need dispel today. The board is still pretty good to day except in 4th attack. In 4th attack, the board start with good amount of yellow and green. That make me easily to kill tank and flank and make Gramp at wing to about 200 hp. Then the board is full of red, blue and purple and red, blue and purple keep fall constantly that enough to create one diamond of each color (red, blue and purple). Gramp fire 2 times revive 1 enemy in first times and 2 enemy in second times. Those revived enemy take down my Kvasir and CB Berden. Luckily, after I clear all red, blue and purple that board full of green about 20 green tile with green diamond and I also have all my green heroes charged. So, huge green cascade + C Brienne + Atk boost from C Belith’s buff kill all enemy in 1 turns :slightly_smiling_face:

D : 1-1

Still no more attack from yesterday


Lost the first match against a Carver tank with Jack flank. Probably should have played it safe and brought Helo as the cleanser and off colour healer. Decided to continue going with a 4 Green stack and just didn’t get a lot of tiles. Won the next 4 though against more passive tanks.

Defense fought back from 0-2 to end day 1 with a B (2-2). 1-1 today, so still a B

Good luck everyone. Hope you’re not blinded by all the green enemies :green_heart:


DAY 1:

O => W: 4 L: 1

DAY 2:

O => W: 5 L: 0 (9:1)
D => W: 1L: 1 (B)

Hello everybody. I didn’t have yesterday to post my first day (besides I was exhausted).

I used almost the same attack team in all battles (Tyrum or his costume if I need a cleanser - Grevle - C. Renfeld - c. Belith - Kvasir/ Mnesseus). Maybe a bit passive, but it gives me a high chance of survival.

Regarding the defense team, I got a B on the edge. I had a 0:1 from the first hour and twenty minutes before the second day began, I was attacked and the enemy didn’t win (I thought that I was going to suffer the @Slobix effect :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:).

Good luck and take care. :wink:


Offense day 2; 5-0, if 2 close calls; 3 and 4 had mediocre boards with very little green. And somehow I made some errors; I wanted melia in nr3, but somehow took pixie, in battle 4 I forgot to target helo, RNG of course targets poppy, and then helo heals… Luckily some good tiles came to take poppy out.

Defense also going great, currently at 5-1; way better then last week. (0-6 then).



Day 1:

O: 4-1
D: 1-0

I was really on autopilot yesterday because i wasn’t feeling well and probably could have won the one i lost, but in the end it came down to my Melia vs. their Bjorn. :confused:

Day 2:

O; 3-2 (now 7-3)
D: 2-0 (for 3-0, grade A)

totally :angry: about the first one i lost. it again came down to two heroes, Melia vs. Jarvur, who had almost NO health left, and i had tons of yellow tiles, but in charging her i set off a cascade that charged Jarvur and when the board came to rest, he got to fire first. grr. the second one was just one of those boards that just doesn’t turn around for you until the end. i took out half their team towards the end, but had no healer and only Brienne and Melia left by that time and it wasn’t enough.

oh well, good luck everyone on day 3. hoping i can stay in it at least until Thursday. still in top 5% despite my losses.


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