⚔ [13 Jun, 2021] - 112th Raid Tournament - 3* Buff Booster, No Fire/Red

Day 4

O : 5-0 (19-1)

Go with same tactic in 1-3 attack but change to C Belith - C Brienne, Chochin, C Tyrum, C Renfeld in 4th and 5th attack since, in 4th, the defense team is mono yellow (2 Poppy, 3 Agnes), and in 5th, tank and two flank are yellow. However, it turn out that both 4th and 5th attack board is pretty full of yellow. In 4th attack, the board have is a lot of yellow but there is a lot of movement as well, so I lose only 2 heroes at the end. In 5th attack, it is even worse that the board have is a lot of yellow but there is no mcuh movement, I lose 3 heroes at the end and 2 survivor have hp about 100. It is very close fight. At least, the tile I want come enough at the end :slightly_smiling_face:

D : 7-3

@MonsterMonty What is your defense team ?


Day 5:

O: 5-0 (21-4)
D: 0-1 (3-4) A B B C

Had a lot of fun on last day, with super exciting battles and unexpected turnarounds. Once I was close to being defeated, when suddenly was able to charge my c.Gunar, Nordri and Chick Jr. to wipe out half of the dence team. Two times I was confident I’m winning, but then Poppy fired 5 times, killing fully charged Kvasir (with 90% health) and almost killing Bjorn (died from a slash attack later on). In next battle Grumps revived 3 allies, so basically had to do it all over again.

This should be enough for top 1%, but I wouldn’t mind if defence scores few points more. :slight_smile:


Decided to finish the tournament early this time and it turned out to be a good decision. Some tough teams on paper but nothing too stressful. Happy to complete without having to rebuy for the 2nd straight week.

Easily in top 1% even without the 15-9 (A) defense. Poppy and Whacker were really fun to use on offense. I won’t call them overpowered but they made attacking less of a grind. No regrets embleming them at all

Good luck to those still to finish and happy loot opening


So total 23:2(4:1, 5:0, 4:1, 5:0, 4:1)

All the fights I used Balthazar CB +20, Poppy +14, Grevle +17, Kvasir + 19, Born +19.
Once I switch Balthazar for Agnes because of Two purple flanks.
Once Balthazar for Belith, because of Gunnar tank and I need a dispeller. This fight was my firs lost, Gunnar fire, I couldn’t charge Belith on time, the opposite Belith heal and was game over.

Defence is not going great C(0:0), B(2:2), A(3:2), B(3:3)

I hope will be enough for top 1% :wink:


Day 5:

Off : 21 - 4

Def : 10 - 0 !

I should finish in the top 1%. First time ever that my defense is undefeated in more than just 2 or 3 attacks if it holds. :crossed_fingers:t2::sunglasses::+1:t2:


Day 5
O: 4-1 (21-4)
D: 0-1 (5-5)

Used a heavy green stack against 4 teams today, and the boards were all either correspondingly generous, or there were enough green tiles at the beginning to get rid of the most dangerous heroes and create some ghosting lanes. So I was able to make it to the last match without having to waste 75 gems. I figured my RNG luck had absolutely ran out by that point, and went 3-1-1 yellow/green/purple against this:

Almost as if to troll me, starting board was littered with greens and purples, like there were enough tiles to charge average speed heroes in both colors. I did have half a thought of stacking purple instead against Kvasir, but changed to a yellow stack at the last minute and that cost me a potential win. :sob: I mean I did manage to take out two heroes so not a total loss, but now I’m not entirely sure if I can make it to top 1% or not.

Defense is bleh, oh well.

Considering I’ve been fighting +100 teams with a +0 team since day 2 I consider this an extremely good result.


My alt account faced this eyebrow-raising defense :dizzy_face:

Only managed to kill 2 of the Poppys. This would be really scary in Bloody Battle


Was really tired yesterday, so did my last series this morning. Worst day of the week offensively, 3-2. 1board was bad and stayed bad, 1 board started bad and turned, but only after they killed just charged Grevle. Think I would have won had they targeted another. Anyway, final score 22-3, straight A defense, is firmly top1






Day 5

O : 5-0 (24-1)

Go with Kvasir - Pixie - C Belith - C Brienne - CB Berden/Mnesseus. The board is average except in 2nd attack. The board is bad. The defense team is pretty well set up C Belith tank, Gramp flank and 3 sniper. I use Kvasir - Pixie - C Belith - C Brienne - CB Berden. The board start with about 6 green tile and 9 yellow tile that can be match then full of red, purple, blue. Tank fire 2 time before I get one more match of green and yellow and kill tank. However, I lose C Belith and my Pixie and C Brienne are almost die when I take down tank. Then Gramp fire but doesn’t revive tank. Green and yellow still not fall much. Slash attack kill my Pixie and C Brienne and make me to 2 vs 4 situation. I think I will lose but I will no give up until the end. Luckily, green and yellow cascade come take down 2 of enemy. At the end, I win with only one survivor, CB Berden, at 62 hp and no any bee minions left. The enemy is also about to slash in the next turn as well. So, it is one of the closest win that happen to me :slightly_smiling_face:

D : 11-3

Especially, no purple - Bloody Battle…


I was fighting that team, played purple-green 3-2, and it wasn’t much of an issue. True, I did get some purple tiles. :joy:


Happy with the loot. Some gold tokens

Nice to have a break from the 3* tournaments next week even though I do better in them. See you guys



Loot is kinda meh, but at least didn’t have to pay 75 gems for it.


My loot, EHTs are cool, should have 20+ free pulls in summer event… The rest of it, see for yourself. :joy:

See you next week! :slight_smile:



O => W: 22 L: 3

Score: 14538
Rank: 13779
Best 5%

I was really demotivated about publishing here my results as I had a horrible third day with two lost battles and the results of my defense team, which sank to a D. In fact, I was between the top 10000 when I went to sleep yesterday and when I just opened the game this morning I realized that I was the best 5%. However, I can’t complain about the reward:

See you next week.

Take care. :wink:


Not enough to be in the leader board and loot is not very good as my many previous top 1% loot. :expressionless:

I think you get top 1% loot with top 5% rank :smile:


Defense end score 14W/4L, A all days

Rank 1277; 2 trooptokens is nice for the next ninjatower, rest is unremarkable. Have plenty of sorcerer emblems for my needs; would have preferred druid, as I’m almost out of those. Oh well, it’s free loot, and not the worst, hopefully better next time


No good except reset emblem.
I need some fighter, cleric or monk emblembs …


Not complaining but being in top 1% and that rank, it could have been better…


I feel same too, Loot seems better if you are just out of 1% and make it to Top 5%…Last RT i got 2 ETTs for 5%

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Defenses of the top 10 finishers