⚔ [13 Jun, 2021] - 112th Raid Tournament - 3* Buff Booster, No Fire/Red

Probably going with this

Prefer cCarver to Grevle at tank. He’s no Li Xiu, but that uncleansable mana slow will hopefully be an annoyance in addition to the AOE damage. cBelith adds a 2nd healer with HoT counting as a buff, plus an undispellable buff to all. Tyrum and Poppy served me well in defense last week, so keeping them in there as the damage dealers while the middle 3 keeps them alive and slows down the enemy.

On the offense side, I just pulled Whacker and will level him up (sorry Gramps) since I have Barbarian emblems to spare


I’ll guess I’ll try this one. It has 4 damage dealers, so hopefully will punish a rough start enough to win

I really thought about putting c-belith in, as she’s really suited to this tournament, but I don’t really have the emblems to get her to 18, and who to replace? I guess c-ishhtak, but that will make my team a lot less dangerous. What do you guys think?


IMO, Grevle is awesome tank here… But if he’s tanking, no need for another healer. I’d go with more aggressive approach. :slight_smile:

I will go with this defense.


I am trying like this

or this


Last Time

1st draft…
I will use Belith Costume.


Thinking about this

Maybe too passive? Or should I switch Kvasir with Poppy (can give some emblems) or Mnesseus +11? Wondering how worthy Kvasir will be in this tournament :thinking:

Can’t wait to use Candy and Whacker in offence by the way :smiley:

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I will try this:

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And of course I could go with the tried and true option last time:

Thoughts/comments/inputs/insults welcomed


2nd draft:

What do you think?

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I wish there was a hitter instead of Brienne in the corner. In that position, she probably won’t be a decisive factor - either you lost already, or attacker had a terrible board and he’s already struggling with taunt, bees and everything.

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Your previous defence is super close to my choice this time, just Grevle instead of Brienne. So, I’m leaning toward that otherwise I would choose something different. :man_shrugging:t2: :joy:

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3th draft…

Inviting and punishing yellow stack in the same time? Any suggestion?


Figure i’ll go with this:

three buffs, two good hitters, and dispel. or could put in cIsshtak for more defense down and hit power i suppose, just one less buff.

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Swap Brienne and Merman, Brienne is too slow to wing, plus you want her to fire early anyways.

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thanks @rho, done! now hopefully i remember to take Brienne out of costume before I go to bed and the defense is set. :grin:

Got my Whacker maxed in time and his stats look so nice that I had to try him out. Put him in to replace Tyrum. Hoping he does a good job whacking the foes :heart_eyes:


And another week where I’m already late on Monday :see_no_evil:

First day:

O: 5-0
D: 0-0 (C)

Wasn’t really thinking about something great for defense, don’t have a green with emblems so I choose anything. I’m probably out at Wednesday or Thursday anyway so doesn’t really matter…

Mono teams normally don’t work well for me, but I had no real time to think about anything better.

Offense the first day so far was relative easy, but I haven’t faced any full +20 teams with max troops, that will come tomorrow.
I have seen 3 full S4 teams, Morris is still a joke, was the first S4 I leveled, didn’t like to play with him. Faced him in two teams today(one tank, one wing) , didn’t even noticed he was there, if he digs his hole I can ghost stones without regrets, the effect when he comes back is to small and short to be noticed.
On the other hand poppy is a killer wherever she stands.


O: 4-1
D: 0-1


Day 1

O : 5-0

I use Kvasir - Pixie - C Belith - C Brienne - CB Berden/Mnesseus in every attack. There board are pretty good today except the last attack. That yellow and green tile aren’t appear many but luckily it is heavy passive defense with only and Poppy and Morris as damage dealer. So, my Pixie shut down Poppy. Then it is a matter of time when yellow and green tile will appear enough…

D : 1-1


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