12x 5* - who to max now?

In a day or two, we should get Farholme Pass which gives a Tome of Tactics (I have 0, and rarely have any). Since waiting, I have managed to get 12 heroes to 3/70, so now it’s a decision who to do next.
Here are my current maxed 5* and 4* heroes (click for full size):

Here is a list of potential heroes to max when I get my Tome of Tactics - I have enough mats to do either colour. I only have emblems for Sorcerer (LotL (240 emblems). I am tempted for LotL, I waited for such a long time for her but will she be worth it over all others, with only a few (4) emblems on?

Dark / Purple:

  • Domitia

Holy / Yellow:

  • Malosi
  • Vivica
  • Sir Roostley

Ice / Blue:

  • Snow White
  • Isarnia

Nature / Green:

  • Ratatoskr
  • Lady of the Lake

Fire / Red:

  • Reuben
  • Zimkitha
  • Guardian Kong
  • Anzogh

Opinions really appreciated.

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Malosi, then Zimkitha.

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Zim and lady of the lake…

Zim fast cleanser +att,… and LotL.

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I think the best options there are


But you seem to really need more depth in blue and purple. Unfortunately you don’t have great options there - Snow White is sneaky good but might suit a deeper roster better

I’d probably go Malosi personally

Your tome of tactics must be spent on a hero that has the highest impact to your teams.

AFAIAC, Malosi will give you the most out of your candidates. Him at very fast mana will nullify most of your enemies’ specials.

Malosi… no doubt… then Zim…

Zim - versatile fast cleanse buff

LoL - very useful on offense


Malosi. Ive got one and would totally max another if I had it. Not a defense hero IMHO but amazing on offense.

Zim would be a close second.

holy crap it’s alive…

personally I’d max rat over lotl

not sure who the OP should max as idk how they setup their teams

if it was me, zim and the rat would be my choices. with malosi in a close race with the rat


You have some good options there. My pick would be Vivica, specially if you have her costume. Because I don’t see a maxed 5* healer in your roster. Vivica + costume is amazingly useful across multiple game events. Even if you don’t have costume, I’d probably pick her to cover my healer 5* skill and hope to pull her costume. It’ll also set you up for a good yellow mono with your other yellows. She may not sound like an exciting choice given so many other interesting heroes, but she is a bread and butter roster foundation hero. You know - the heroes that aren’t flashy or super exciting to max and use off the bat, but essential to strengthen the backbone of your roster.

Anzogh would probably be my next pick for the same reasons, but if I was picking Red, I’d probably pick Zimkitha over Anz.

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LofL/Malosi/Zim in any order. All game changers

Thanks, everyone.
I went with Malosi today after getting the ToT.

When he is max, I will remove the +9 from Miki and place them on Malosi, Miki is usually great/fine for Titans without the talents (only added them to him cos I had spares)

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LOTL then Zimkitha…

Malosi. He is one of the most important offensive heroes.

I maxed Malosi, thanks, everyone.
Got him on +7 for now, waiting for more ham to take to +9.
I used mostly 1* feeders to get him from 4/1 - 4/80 that was a lot of fun and used a lot of ham haha

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Managed to get another Tome of Tactics today, from my titan chest so I have ascended Zimkitha.


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