⚔ [12th Sep, 2021] - 125nd Raid Tournament - 5* Buff Booster, No Holy/ Yellow

Yes. It’s also go away when the buff end.

The stacking does not adds up for buff booster, it’s only one buff.

@jinbatsu Why not use a purple tank? I actually think Clarissa will be a decent tank if you have her. She’s pretty much guaranteed to fire in no-yellow tournament and gives element link buff to all.

With those heroes you’ve shown, I would do Onyx - BK - Panther - Killhare - Francine

@ferg I think that defense is actually pretty decent. It’s unfortunate that Hel is one of the OG HotM and doesn’t have a element link or it would be even better.

@Nimppy I would probably use C.Rigard, Obakan and Sartana towards the center of your defense.

@Nightmare2048 woah lots of good heroes there but I don’t think you fielded your strongest option.
I would do Seshat - Krampus - Ursena - Panther - Killhare
Don’t forget Ursena gives a buff to the whole team. Marie Therese is actually pretty good for this tournament despite being slow. She gives 3 buffs to the whole team. You could throw her in left flank instead of Krampus.


I would propose to you to run Mack as tank, and put Jarvur as flank.
Throw cyprian out for any other black or blue leveled hero. Preferably one dmg dealer as Jarvur

This way, you are inviting blue for enemy to go… This makes your wings sturdier. Remember, blue deals weak tile dmg vs green.

4-1 start for the tournament. Went with a more conservative (for me) 4 Dark attack. Hannah - Clarissa - Onyx form the damage dealers who all charge in 6 tiles. cRigard was the healer and buffer, while Grazul was the backup off colour healer, also charges in 6.

Worked well in the first 4 matches but then ran into this team in the last fight. Doesn’t look dangerous with just 1 direct damage hero.

Switched Grimble in for Clarissa against the 3 minion makers. But both he and cRigard died before they could fire. 0 points. Hannah should be a tough tank in this format.

My defense also has her as tank, but not as successful yet at 0-1

Good luck everyone!


Day 1 :

A: 4-1
D: 0-3 :grimacing:

I used blue, green and red stacks in 3-2 formations…

LbKiril, C.Melendor abd cbBoldtusk…

The attackers been:

Mitsu and Jean
Glenda and Sonya

The first two game was easy than this SOB came around…

Not a zero but I’m still wondering what the actual f… freaking team I should have bring…

So 4-1


Offense 5-0. Went in variational of RGB, with BT+18, elena+7, c-mel+20, lianna+7, caedmon+20 (in or out of costume) and c-kiril+20, LB sonya+20 (in or out of costume) and skadi+10.

Had a few good boards and a few rough starts I managed to turn. Once skadi can place a stack, it’s usually just sitting it out.

D lost two… hope it will get some wins tonight, but not really scared of my own D…

Hmm sonya should have been in dispellmode, but I guess I used her in cleansemode before tournament start… SG, please fix this costume issue, and make which version of a hero is active based on the team


Defense is 2/2 currently. I’m happy with that.
Offense 5/0. Started attacks with this:

After 2 battles I moved King to tank and replaced Greg with Lianna. Gave up some buffs but Lianna charges with Eve and King while I would still be waiting for Greg. The last match I swapped Gobbler with Melendor because other team had LotL and Mother North. Probably be fighting with some version of my green team all week because I’ve been lucky with green draws and it is my best by far.


Day 1

O 4-1
D 1-2 (D)

Nothing really unexpected, the first 4 opponents were relativ easy. Played hel, brynhild and a 3 stack against the more dangerous flank (or tank if not dark)

Got completely destroyed by the last one, scored 0. I hate Kadi c in this mode.


Why do we get very strong opponents in the tournament? This is not fun at all. Does the game expect we use a lot of gems? This is cheap.
I don’t understand why we can’t fight more balanced opponents.
For example I’m level 53. Why do I get level 75-80 opponents?

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Because opponents have nothing to do with your lvl.

The only thing that matters is how strong the 5 best heroes are, you could theoretical use and your troops.

If you have 5 5* heroes with emblems you will face also defense teams with 5 5* with emblems.
Doesn’t matter that your 5 heroes are all healers and the opponent has 5 crazy perfect buff booster heroes.

After that first battle which is decided with what heroes you have your opponents will be decided if you win or loose. If you win you will get defenses that are harder to beat (good defense scores) . If you loose you will get defenses easier to beat (bad defense scores).

But still if you start with max 5* heroes you won’t get super easy opponents if you loose one.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation, Ferg.
My team power is 4555 and opponents are about 4700~4800 from second day.
Max power team I can get from my roster is 4605. Is that what matters?
Still it’s quite a difference from my 4605 compared to 4800 opponents.
Is the game designed that way?

Day 1 offence: 4-1
Day 2 offence: 5-0

Going with the same “snipers with lots of healers” approach as last week seems to be working so far. Some helpful boards too (thanks, RNG!) meant I was able to take down some tricky teams with relative ease today. Current team is Alasie - C. Azlar - Heimdall - Kunchen - Ariel.

Defence: not great at 1-4…


Yes that’s for the first battle (maybe first few battles, not 100% sure)

After that TP isn’t important.

On the second day, TP doesn’t really influence with which teams you get matched.

If you win you get matched against a defense that won most of its battles. Yes most of the time this will have a high team power. But for example last week during rush there were some teams using 4* and even 3* winning a lot because the other 4 heroes where that good. So those teams would have a low TP but would still considered good.

On the other hand you will get matched against weaker teams, so defense teams that lost most of their battles, when you loose. Theoretical you can face a 5 healer +20 all limit broken with TP 4900+ in a no heal tournament. This defense will probably loose 99% of its battles so it’s considered an easy opponent although having more than 4900 TP.

TP is most of the time just a useless number, especially in tournaments were its much more dependent on good hero synergies and heroes who align well with the special rules.

Don’t look on TP, try to find counters against some common defense teams. You can beat 4800Tp teams with teams with far lower Tp if you have the right counters for what you face.


I understand. Thanks a lot!


Kunchen officially sucks! Hero who is supposed to be tank, to flop like this in tournament w/o yellows, would somebody please explain this to me??!!

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Cause slow tanks sucks and a healer one suck even more as it is only a tile dump…

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Much better 2nd day. Facing all purple tanks, ditched my VF Purple team for the buffy Red one. Grazul - Yang Mai - Elena - LB Khagan - Hannah. 3 mana boosters and lots of buffs. Grazul firing in 6 tiles is a life-saver especially against the 2 Alfrike tanks faced. Elena and Khagan are slow but with buffs, the tile damage can kill most non-Blue heroes quickly. And when facing Purple hitters like Moreau, Killihare and Seshat, Elena’s riposte is deadly
Hannah was the backup plan to slow down the enemy hitters in case Red tiles were lacking. Didn’t really need her much today, though I did switch in cSabina once against a lineup that had a Krampus.

Will need to keep winning though since Defense is predictably sucking at 2-6 :sweat_smile:

Day Offense Defense Score
1 4-1 1-3 (E) 3031
2 9-1 2-6 (E) 6632

Good luck all tournament buffs :wink:


Went 5-0 and 4-1 on offense so far. Faced some very tough teams and turned some initially bad boards around to get those wins. Defense disappointing at 0-4 though. Not helping.


Day 3 Bloodbath :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Lost first 3 matches against teams ranging from 4768 to 4944 TP. Bought back in because I use tournaments to fill my Heroes chest and was fortunate to win the last 2 by the opponents killing themselves against Elena’s riposte.

The less said about the Defense the better :stuck_out_tongue:

Day Offense Defense Score
1 4-1 1-3 (E) 3031
2 9-1 2-7 (E) 6832
3 11-4 2-10 (E) 8897

Good luck if anyone is still around… :joy:


Went 3-2 today so now only 1 loss to give. Every time I go into day 4 with 3 losses my 4th comes on the first battle. If I can scratch out a couple more wins will probably buy back in. Gotta catch those aether’s!

Not interested in looking at my defenses any more.


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