12k difference in war score

Just wondering does this happen from time to time, is it to much of a difference maybe?

Let’s look at percentages, it’s around 3%. That’s not too much, and with a bit of luck or good management should be able to be overcome

When you think about it, that’s pretty good if that’s your biggest gap


Our difference in this war was about 16k and we managed to win by less than 200 points
Each alliance had 13 hits left so anything could have happened if these 13 hots were used

Maybe they had new member after war began, so the war score will increase. My alliance and the opposite alliance had the same score at the beginning (actually we were lower), but after that we had a new member, and we had 10k more :slight_smile: And you know, the new member cannot join the current war, so we lost lol

o_0… change alliance?

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Am really thinking about it, joined this alliance more than a year ago then left it for a week to help my friends open a titan chest (they were fighting 2* titans) then we all moved back to same alliance, and somehow i became the leader, and the gap between powers in the alliance is just very big
Sometimes am thinking of creating a new alliance and get all my friends and start from the 0 again (we all use all our flags except one he only uses 5 and rarely 6)

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I’ve noticed several things:

  • The War Score isn’t necessarily the current AW war score - the WS shows all members, even those on non-participation - for both alliances (and you have to match the others one by one from their list vs who appears on the field);
  • New members who can’t participate also show in the Score, but not in the matching;
  • On rare occasions, we’ve been matched with much tougher teams who fielded one fewer teams (eg, our 28 teams to their 27). The algorythm doesn’t seem to realize that more (weaker) teams can’t take out many very tough defenses, even with more players.

This isn’t accurate. I suspect you opted yourself out as a test, and then looked at the score and saw no change, then opted back in. You have to give it some time to adjust the score. If you do, you will see a change in the war score if you opt out.

Actually, it’s my unclear posting - what I’m comparing is the WS at the time of matching (which holds steady for the team on the field) vs. the ‘current’ alliance WS after matching but with roster changes.

If a WS is 300k at matching, and a new player joins after matching to boost the WS to 330k, but the opponent didn’t get a new player and still shows 300k, the match was good but the WS shows a discrepancy. It’s more that I’m trying to show that matches are good despite subsequent roster changes, or non-participants.

Ahh…yes this is correct. The war score applies to the current war only, so in your scenario it will not change…agreed.

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