1200+ cup / 2835 build new player looking for a home

As. Above.
Daily C2P VIP Australian paramedic firefighter looking for home. Been playing 6 weeks.

Always participate in wars titans and active grinder.
Dropping some cups to help resourcing (don’t judge me :grin:)
TC13 / Stronghold 15 building.

Looking for a low stress low ego guild to play with. I work random hours and I’m an old ■■■■■ too. Prefer ex military or active service oriented family., but not essential.

Anyone interested hmu. Thanks for reading


We are from Turkey, a turkish, german and english speaking klan

Line ID = simsiyah ©

Basic Rules.

  1. Fight titans
  2. Fight in war
  3. Growth through leveling

Greetings and kind regards!

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We’re full at the moment. We have a junior alliance with a fair mix of US/Aus. If you were interested that’s Magnificent Junior Bastards.

Otherwise look up Mountain Boomers or The Wrinklies. Both great alliances, just say Cruzcampo sent you.

Best of luck!

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Check us out ! International alliance, with 2 Australians and a new Zélande allready
Fighting 8-9 start titans, we have 1 spot available, you would fit perfectly!

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@ochartier is one of the leaders in my alliance

I am in his alliance, one of the aussies. Great alliance.

But after 6 weeks of playing, what are you after? This is a good mid table alliance that will help your growth in the game and we are fighting 8 star titans. We are happy with players at any level, but you’d need to be comfortable too. You could try us out for a week to see if we’re a good fit?

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You would be very welcomed in our alliance. We are a chatty bunch.

We are international, fun, friendly and supportive. A lot of our members drop cups.

Check out the Ruthless Warriors.

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@EMTBear You sound like the majority of our alliance and we’d love to have you come check us out! Here’s a little bit about our alliance. If it sounds good, feel free to drop in for a test run or for good :smile:

We’re a mature alliance - in both alliance time and age of players. We’ll be ‘celebrating ‘ our 1 year alliance birthday in less than 2 weeks. While we do have players of all ages, most of us are 40-ish and above. This means we have jobs, families and real life things that give some of us weird playing times.

We also have members from across the globe. The core group of players are situated in the US, but we have players from Russia, Israel and some European countries. No Aussies as of yet, but leave the common browns and sharks at home and you’d be welcome :wink:

While we we aren’t specifically a group formed around military personnel, I believe we have at least 1 ex-military and definitely 1 active police officer. We don’t talk politics, but military service is respected and appreciated. If anyone has an issue with that, then this is not the alliance for them. Period.

Our players range from 2,500 - 4,100. We’re active in wars (winning record) and titans (currently fighting an 8*). Our basic rules are:

  1. Fight the Titan and participate in wars
  2. Chat - read it and keep it clean
  3. 2 weeks absence gets you booted. If you need to be gone for a while, post in chat and we’ll save your place as long as you’ve removed yourself from wars.
  4. English is required for chat as well

Fell free to check us out if you’re interested. You’ll find us as ‘We Don’t Kneel’.

Good afternoon!

Check out our recruitment post:

We are looking for 3 players currently. I joined NW about 4 months ago as a 3000 power team. It was culture shock to be fighting 8* titans but other than that it has been awesome! Everyone is very friendly!

We are an international group, but we are majority USA. We have probably 1/3 of the alliance overseas. You would be a welcome addition to our family :slight_smile:

We are “The Titan Lord’s Wrath”. We have two spots available. Stress free environment guaranteed. We kill 5* titans daily and ocasionally 6*. We got the first 7* this week, it was a fun encounter, but it flew away… We won the last 5 in a row wars, but today we got the worst match-up in the history of E&P. We are getting kicked around so bad we don’t even care anymore… Some are chatty, some quite, some level 40, some level 4, everyone has it’s place. We definitely could use a sharp blade against those 6*, so you are wellcomed to join in.

Thank you have just jumped onboard the We Don’t Kneel crew, i had a feeling they would be the best fit for me right now.

But thank you to everyone else that reached out to me and offered me a hope. Such an awesome community.

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@EMTBear So glad to have you and looking forward to getting to know you!

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