12 warriors needed after war

Arctic Direwolves having lost a few members due to real life events. We have 12 open campfire stumps. Come join us after war, SMALL merger with us would be a dream come true for both of us. 10* titans await, glorious wars should to shoulder await. Line App used: @miltz or @Rudeconjurer

Where are you from ?
There are around 10 of us in an alliance who are looking for a new home. The rest of the alliance is not putting in & letting us down.
We want to find somewhere that uses 100% of war flags and everyone hits the titan.
We range in TP from 3800 to 4700


We are an international alliance. Members in US, UK, Australia, Germany, Egypt. English speaking. Line App used (@miltz or @RudeConjurer)
We would LOVE to have you join us.

Are you only looking for singles and fews to join, or would you also consider merges? :thinking:

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