12* titan spawns after defeating a 10* titan

So we just faced our first 12* titan. I am very surprised though because or last titan was 10* titan and we just finished him 2h before time was up. I think I never experienced that we just skipped a titan tier. Has anyone experienced that before? Does it just happen at random or what could be the reason?

Previous titan:

Current titan:

Can happen

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We’ve had this happen too and I think it’s related to when the alliance titan score would normally decay, which is linked to when your alliance was started; not to the time left before the titan was defeated.

I’ve found Titan level can also decrease multiple levels when we used to let titans escape.

GL with the current beastie.


Yes. I’ve linked below a couple pre-existing threads.

Reason I summised on a couple different threads:

Previous threads


Thanks a lot, I used the forum search but probably should have given it a few more tries.

I was surprised that my personal score wasn’t actually much less than on 10* titans. Though my team against purple is actually weaker compared to my other teams (I hope that will change this week when I finally pull Jackal :pray:). But anyway, we won’t beat it. 11h left and it still got almost 2/3 health.

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Like WTF is going on? How is this possible… ?

We should have received a Rare titan but instead we got a 12* Titan up from a 10*…

12 is just too big for our alliance so we just let it go…

So now… we are back to an 11* Titan…

Has the game gone bonkers?

You owe us LOOT … E&P… !!

Your Pal…

Toe Cutter…

it happened to us once long time ago from 11* to 13*.

it was our first 13* at the time and decided to kill it with flasks no matter what :laughing:

it was very odd indeed but never happened again


Maybe it’s because you killed it too fast. You’re not the only one who faced this issue.

You should have flasked it out of existence! It was a ghift, a unique opportunity.

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