12* Titan loot worse than 10? Some stats & concerns from our group- Players quitting over RNG


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I’m inclined to believe that SG isn’t lying to us when they say things are random, and inclined to believe that titan loot gets better with higher titans.

That said, I think the more useful thing to track is loot by loot tier (which = titan *s plus 1 for rare plus 0/1/2/3 for C/B/A/A+ grade, if I recall the formula correctly)

What I’d expect to see is that there’s a ~5% increase in 3* non-farmables and smaller increase in 4* mats per tier, EXCEPT that the extra mat roll increases:

  • 3 at Tier IX, will increase the odds by 50% over Tier XVII
  • 4 at Tier XV (or was it XIV?) bumps the odds by 33%

But since thats the number of mats out of 2/3/4 rolls, the individual odds are very low, so you aren’t going to see results that jump up over the randomness until you get, a lot of samples per tier. Like 100. (Not knowing the exact rates, and not having done any proper analysis for statistical validity)

And if you go by what people report in alliance chat, that’s not going to be a good random sample; I’d recommend getting people to report all their titan loot.

(This from looking at the loot patterns of a LOT of farming data in my big farming data collection project)


BTW, a distributed titan loot collection project sounds like a great idea … but I’m kinda tapped out with my farming data collection project, so I’m not gonna do it.

As an aside, it is less useful to me, as I’ve got lots of choices on where I farm, but I’m fighting the titans that come up in my alliance anyway, trying to get the best damage I can anyway, so I’ll get the loot I happen to get…and anecdotally, I leveled on today’s 12* blue titan, got A+, and got a tonic and a cape!



to me, those stats look like you’ve gotten more items from 10* kills. So that can mean that you’ve actually killed more 10*s than 11 or 12 star titans. Hence why the stats may be skewed in favor of the 10 star titans.

It’d be a different story if say, you kill 250 titans that are 10 stars, then 250 titans that are 11 stars, and so on. Of course such a test would also vary between RNG drops, not to mention how difficult it is to set it up.


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The OP is giving percentages, so it’s normalized for the number of titans killed–but not for the number of loot rolls (tier-based). That said, a mean value without a confidence interval is uninformative.

The mean of 1 coin flip will be 100% heads or 100% tails, but it tells you almost nothing about what the coin’s probability of heads is. And you certainly shouldn’t conclude the coin is biased based on that 100%


OP’s forum topic creation history:

January 24th - Greed. How to lose 120 paying clients because summons & loot is gambling with zero reward

March 26th - Frustration killing the game. 8-7 nerfed, materials & ascension mats not dropping

April 13th - Greed broke the camel's back. Price increase value added tax - Change in Digital Taxes

April 22nd - This thread.

I’m really not sure why @4nton keeps trying. Sounds like the type of person who doesn’t know how to stay away from an abusive relationship.


Yes, that is about the long & short of it. Thank you for putting it into something everyone can understand. I’m not good at conveying what I’m trying to say on paper.

I’ve tracked every single chest (apart from lost AW & escaped Titans) for nearly a year. It won’t be possible to share the info without revealing the identity of many as the sheer volume of the data is integrated into other sheets with a lot of other data for our workbooks. We basically took the old 7DD workbook and modified it heavily, added customised inputs & integrated them into other sheets. Maybe some will want to get involved in an open project with me that doesn’t involve our alliance members. It was tough enough to get a few that post their loot, it is hard work. They won’t appreciate me sharing our info, paranoia is strong here :rofl:


Easy to point fingers mate. You act as if I speak for myself only. When I do, I will say so. Also, in my OP, I stated why


Is it possible to create a copy of the spreadsheet and strip names off that copy? If you need help, I’m happy to assist in whatever way I can. I think the data would be invaluable for the community.

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Thank you for the kind word mate, but this post is so badly spammed I suggest you delete the whole thing & I will repost one day again. There was not much to change tbo, oops was replaced by “We do” and I removed the part where I pointed out that attacking us is insulting on other one. I just modified the two posts that was flagged. I suspect the poster took offence that I offered proof & his attacks are for nought & flagged the posts

I just got attacked again for our previous posts too, so yeah, don’t see the point to come here any more tbo. The only reason I did was so that devs can see the concerns of many in a large community, but every time we get nowhere.

As for the post with the 2 pics, it was flagged again moments after I edited. I give up

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Thx for the reply. Only one of very few that actually want to contribute. The flagged posts are back to show some of the data we track, we are very thorough. You are correct in assuming more 10’s have been killed than 12’s (not much in this sample). If we take out the 10* data and compare them only to 11* we get the same. One thing to point out though. It may be coincidence, I don’t believe in coincidence. The drop is significant since the previous update which brought the 12* much closer on a small sample of 50 / 50 split 11&12*


I’ve pulled out just the data images. If you want me not to have done so, just let me know and I’ll delete this post. Otherwise, here they are:




The sheets are linked to other sheets and workbook, it uses vlookup, query etc. We have people in our alliance that probably can do it , but as one person in our line chat already pointed out, even if we remove the alliance & member names it could still give away our identity. The fact that our posts was flagged twice so quickly makes us even more jumpy, that is why I use this email & not my main accounts email.

I’m open to sharing a new & revised workbook with the community from a separate or new Google account. It will also let me add some improvements I’ve been wanting to add for a while. Those interested can pm me.


I’m at:

Line ID: garanwyn

Give me a ping. I’ve got a ton of loot data and titan data that I can add. But not on 12* yet :slight_smile:

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Am I missing it or is the graphic missing loot tiers and titans rarity ( rare titans give +1 to loot tier AND use a different loot tables).

Found the public loot tier, did not see the hidden partial titan step.


Have you collected enough data to ascertain if the drop percentages of unfarmable mats are any different between tiers? Other than the number of AM rolls, that is.


Titan level and rarity is in the cut-off part of the image, I believe. We can back out loot tier from:

  • Titan level
  • Rare/Normal
  • Grade
  • Escaped or not

Which is an interesting question. I wonder if escapes are in the data, which would cut way down on the loot received…

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