12 tabbards, Obakan, time to jump in?

Title says most of it. I have gone back to f2p so s1 heroes are most likely. I finished s2 both difficulties so Atlantis pulls are limited. I do finish events for coins and got 3 pulls in pirates and 3 in Avalon.
I have all the s1 purples tiburtus 4.70, rigard +20, Sabina 4.10(finishing soon), cyprian 1.4, got late from tc20 fed him dupe cyprian unlikely to level.
Have Domitia +7 and proteus +3 and getting more emblems until I max isarnia.

I could do another Tiburtus(I’ve gotten 7 from tc20 but fed most away) or level cyprian as 4*. My only other option is Obakan. I am running 3 tc20 and really going for sartana and marjana have 14 others with 2 being 2nd magni and justice.
So with enough tabbard for another hero Like sartana or maybe a lucky pull from Atlantis like kage, ursena or hel etc really sartana is only other one I will get. Should I use them on obakan since I will still have enough for sartana or another purple.
Hate to sit on mats when I could use him at least in war. My only other real option is quintus if I get him. I think obakan would be first over him though.

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If your not going to do pulls I think your on the right track. Save 6 for Sartana and use 6 on Obakan. Better to play with what you have than wait for something you probably won’t get for a while.

If you plan to do any pulls in Atlantis I would just work on a 4* for now. Might get lucky and grab Kage or Ursena.


Obakan is a trash, a super trash

I strongly recommend taking Proteus to +18 before thinking of another wizard. Unless you already have Hel, that is. Proteus is present on almost every raid for me, unless I go mono in other color, and his skill is invaluable. Definitely the most useful 4* hero available at the moment.


I know he’s no kage or even sartana but I said that and I have mats for another purple. Since my options are limited that’s why I asked. I have Domitia at +7 and the 4* all max but cyprian who I have but am not worrying about. So for purple its hopefully sartana from tc20 in my next collection of 30 but I can still use another 5 purple. Its either obakan or quintus. I don’t have quintus yet so that’s why I asked about obakan.

Comments like he’s trash aren’t productive. I know he isn’t awesome but I also have tabbards with limited options why sit on them? I’ve seen your other posts so it surprises me that with other usually productive posts you wrote that reply. And it’s funny that certain hero’s get bashed yet I find them in top 100 and even top 10, I saw obakan with emblems on a top 10 team this weekend. Like mushashi gets called bad but in neith thread huge gets praise as a decent sniper yet if I asked about him he’d be called garbage. Funny…

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I don’t have Obakan and only have seen some half leveled and don’t fear him at all. I don’t know how are your barbarian roster. Not only mats are the question but feeders and food. I’d buy some time working on Cyprian first.

Why keep on waiting? You have enough mats for two purple 5*. Just give him the tabards while waiting for Sartana to show up

Yeh, saying a hero is trash is really counterproductive mate. Obsidian is basing a decision on how likely he/she is to obtain a “better” purple 5* and being now a FTP the chances are very low to the likes of Kages.

No matter how people “rate” heros, I believe every hero has its own value if used correctly. Obaken has a great attack stat no doubt and punching emblems into his attack can make him a menace especially on a purple stack.

And hey, you have 12 tabards ! I would say go for it !
Heck I never thought I would have maxed an Elkanen…ever… but when I hit 18 Tonics I pulled the trigger and he works just find in war depth and even raid stacking.


Well, i suggest u to wait after this month end where u can still have a chance to pull jabberwock or atlantis summon for another purple 5* chance (or maybe wait till december purple hotm and see if he is good enough) . If u still don’t get any 5* purple then its ur decision to max obakan.

Since 6 tabards is super precious and can’t be taken back after it is used, then u should be really selective to give it to whom. My suggestion, is just do raid more often and fight obakan in every enemies defense, so u will have sense whether he is worth the tabards or not

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The best 5 stars are the ones you can play. You have 12 tabbards, you can use 6 on Obakan and still have 6 for a lucky draw. He’s better than any purple 4 stars.

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The issue with that is, there is always the “chance” of that better 5* purple around the corner, so waiting and waiting gets you no where when all you are doing is relying on that very very small chance of getting one.

Ide say pull the trigger being on 12 Tabards, if he/she was on 6 then yeh maybe waiting would be a better option.

Can’t wait what obsidian final decision, should he gives 6 tabard to obakan or not? Vote your poll here to help him make decision :slight_smile: :

  • Yes
  • No

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Just go ahead.

All heroes can be used for offense and can be good at it.
He just aint great on defense.

Fast with self riposte and decent tile damage, Obakan is still ok especially for F2P.


Funnt that vote is 50/50 but I admit I voted for yes which made it 4 / 4. Like I said odds of a much better purple are small. Most likely is Sartana who I have mats for anyhow. If I did happen to pull a random Kage or Ursena or Hel I would come out of F2P and go back to C2P to buy the mats…LOL. I did come out and go back to C2P for the VIP $3.99 sale plus 350 gems. First purchase in ages. Used to have VIP monthly. Strange to see the GOLDEN dragon sit again. I had the monthly one but you didn’t used to have a color choice. Now that I did the invite 3 friends thing I have a golden dragon option plus I can change it from green to purple to gold whenever he is there.

Anyhow, it looks like I am going to go ahead with him. Domitia was a nice move and has helped and many moght have said to sit her too waiting. I got them back to back form TC20 months ago and have used her alot. I finished all my purples now except Cyprian who I really don’t need in diamond and I could do another Tiburtus but I think Obakan would help more in wars. He isn’t the best I know but its better than having him sit.

I also have to decide on Justice or vivica next too. I already have Joon at +9. I have all the S1 4* too. Viv is at 3.70 and thought she would get next darts but I got Justice x2 recently. She is a decent tank if needed and I don need a paladin. It is either her or Richard right now. Both are unleveled. Any thoughts? I do have many blue heroes. Magni +8 (and Magni (2) 1.1), Isarnia 2.50 going up, Triton 4.70, Grimm +20, Kiril +20, Sonya 4.70 and Boril 1.1 (like Cyprian he came very late and don’t really need him). I am going to likely give scopes to Isarnia over Richard so that would leave Justice as my Paladin choice for mainly the trials. I can finish them now so giving her the darts would mean Viv sits at 3.70 again.

I have all the 4* healers most are +20 except BT who is +3 sharing with Magni so I am covered and think maybe Justice might be better since she needs to go to max to be really useful vs. Vivica useful at 3.70.

I will not possibly rate hero based on its performance on defense alone, some heroes may be awful on defense, but have better use on attack; besides, AI order of firing doesn’t really make good case for some heroes.

However Obakan targets 3 @ fast mana, may not hit so hard, but if hits after defense down, the impact can be significant.

If I am F2P and have 12 Tabards sitting in my inventory and have Obakan sitting there too on my roster and no other imminent dark at hand, I will max him, that is my advise as suggested by a few others.


Go ahead. 12 Tabards is plenty for another dark hero you get later.

I mean, the chances of you getting 2 awesome dark heroes in the next little while are so small.

Domitia will likely stay on your defense team (holy shield to her + nearby, and better snipe damage and durability).

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Count me in the ‘ascend him’ camp.

If I got Obakan, I would ascend him at this point. I have 11 tabards right now. In 3 weeks, another Tabard will come around.

Seems that u already make up ur mind. Go ahead and ascend him, but i bet in the future u will write obakan’s name in this thread… :grin:

I agree in that case. You will get the tabbard from Morlovia (the rare quest not the return to … event) so if I am close I assume I will get them from there too. That is why I am thinking about my yellow options. I was fairly sure I was going to pull for Kingston. I decided against that and thought Neith was the way to go. Now after reading reviews I am not to sure about her either. So if I don’t pull for her or I do and don’t get her(much more likely) I have to decide to take Vivica up from 3.70 or Justice up from 1.1. I feel that Vivica works OK at 3.70 since I don’t use her much with my other S1 healers all being +20. But if I were to take her up I would still get a few darts from Shiloh for Justice by the time I needed them for Justice. In most cases I have more than 6 color specific mats like 10 scopes etc. so using 6 I will get the other 2 from chests or from the quests like today with Frostmarch. Darts are the only thing I don’t have excess of.

Anyhow, I just fought him and Khagan on flanks and got beat the first try. I don’t run from them but I also wouldn’t really need to use them in my defense either as that is pretty much set for raid defense in diamond. I use Rigard, Magni, Mitsuko, Lianna, Joon and before I got Rigard/Lianna I used Melendor and Domitia . He could be useful in wars and the barbarian trial though I get through that pretty easy.

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I have to say that Vivica is a no-brainer 4T for me. She needs to be sturdier. I’d avoid Justice, she’s been outclassed in this Meta. If Justice were the only one you had, I’d say go for it… but if you have Vivica, she’s worth it. 5* pure healers are rare and valuable.

As for me, I am ambivalent about Neith. I’d ascend her if I had her (because my only other choice is Justice which… meh). But I think she does too many things and not great at any single one.

If you ascend Vivica and still pull Neith… you’ll still have Neith. That’s the hardest part. You only get one shot at these HOTM every year. The ascension materials are slightly less rare.


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