12 Month Report Card

I’ve played for a year now. I thought I’d make a post not to brag or complain, but to point out that this is where 1 fairly dedicated player ended up in that time. Specifically concerning Heroes and Ascension Items.

I play an hour in the morning an an hour at night most days, except for Events. I go a little nuts there, because it’s fun.

Player Level: 52
Average $ spent: $10-15 USD monthly.

I went 7 months before I found my first 5, so my only choice was to develop my roster - a few teams of 3’s and then 4’s. Because of that, I was able to have the mats around to take a 5 to 80 when one popped out, which was nice when the day came. Now I have 10.

Finley +8
Horghall +9
Grazul +8
Vela +2
Natalya +11
Grimble 4^25
Azlar 3^70
Isarnia 1
Elkanen 1
Elena(+C) 1

25 maxed 4* (10 from non TC)
7 4* at 3^60
33 maxed 3*

TOTAL Ascension Items found, INCLUDING those used.

D. Blade 13
Scope 12
Tonic 19
Rings 18
Darts 16
Tabard 11
Tome 12

Compass 46
Gloves 48
H. Blade 39
Orb 39
Shield 46
Tools 37
Cape 38

That’s all! Short and sweet, a little report card. Is it similar to yours?

May you pull that elusive 5 you’ve been longing for, and happy gaming.


No boots? I got a lot of boots. Haven’t reached 1 year yet tho. :slight_smile: good job on your acct

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@Saphirra Oh, there’s enough boots for an army! Chainmail and the rest! 5.6k Rugged Clothes for anyone who doesn’t get the good stuff!

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