⚔ [12 May 2024] - 264th Raid Tournament - 4* Buff Booster, No Fire/ Red

Day 3: The constant flow of Caedmon/Cyprian/Goldie defenses is quite repetitive, but I suppose it makes a change from all the Nauticas in Hero League.

O: 12-3 (4-1 every day)
D: A/A/B?

Somewhat controversially, I decided to test a different defense exploiting undispellable attack up with a hitter (Brienne + Mulgog). It seems to be catching enough people out for now. On offense - I’ve stacked 3x green every game, accepting that I’ll get some tough boards with that. Might try a 2nd off colour healer given the game plan is to survive until Brienne has amped the green 145% + buff booster


O: 5-0 (20-0) :muscle:

Good luck everyone!



I am 5-0 today too!

O: 20-0
D: E
Score: 15,973

Been using the same team no matter what:

Waddles / c2 Rigard / Toon Cyprian / Goldie / c2 Li Xiu


Cool :slight_smile:
It’s a pity that our defense teams have such poor results…

Loss number 4 quickly came in the first match. Facing a c2Caedmon tank flanked by cMelendor and tLi Xiu, made the mistake of dropping tiles on cMel when the tank and other flank was super low on health. They recovered and while I managed to kill them in the end, it was too late once my own healer c2Rigard died.

Was always going to buy back in, and the last 4 matches were relatively easier. Used 3 Greens to beat a Sonya tank and in the last 3 went with 3 Yellows Goldie - c2Caedmon - c2Rigard - c2Li Xiu - Waddles. A 2nd healer + Goldie’s ailment reflect + Growth helped a lot. And there was the lucky circumstance of only 1 Toon in the 15 defenders.

Defense has been switching between B and A the whole week, but it has been enough to keep me in the top 1% despite the 4 losses.

Day Offense Defense Score Def Score Total
1 5-0 3-3 B 3,683 650 4,333
2 8-2 8-4 A 6,862 900 7,762
3 12-3 13-8 A 11,197 900 12,097
4 16-4 13-9 B 15,391 15,391

Good luck everyone!


Day 5
O: 5-0

O: 25-0
D: E
Score: 19,930

My first ever 25-0 tournament finally


Congratulations! :confetti_ball: :tada: :champagne:


20 characters of :partying_face:



Thanks, too bad my defense is E all week, or maybe 4 days out of 5 but I should be top 1% at least so that’s good and the 25-0 out trumps the defense :grinning:

Hahaha, yeah. I’m about 100 points behind you and with a B defense, I’d overtake you despite a 21-4 record.

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It’s been a while since thorn minions were nerfed, but I am here again. :slight_smile: @Dudeious.Maximus attaching attack results.


I was competing in the top 3 on days 2 and 3, but my defense slipped to a B which knocks me out of the top 10.
Defense (A, A, B, B, will be B)

Attacks 25-0
Attacked with the same team all attacks:
Greg (my MVP), toon kiril, toon grimm, toon Caedmon, toon melandor. It doesn’t matter if the defense is all green - the blues in the last 6 months are too good not to take on attack.


Finished with a perfect day to end with a 21-4 record in attack.

Used either my Yellow stack (Goldie - Waddles - c2Li Xiu) or Purple stack (Shar’Khai - tCyprian - c2Rigard) today. Boards were good. In fact, I was halfway through the 3rd match when I realised that Rigard was in the wrong costume. Had him in the Ranger one for a Yellow Titan.

Defense is still at B (18-13) and an easy top 1%.

Good luck with your last attacks and with the loot tomorrow :four_leaf_clover: :crossed_fingers:


Congratulations :slight_smile:
You have to tag @Dudeious.Maximus in your post to get a medal (he doesn’t read all posts :wink: )

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Well, I’d like a medal too :muscle:
@Dudeious.Maximus , I recorded a short video of me scrolling through the list of attacks :wink:

O: 25-0
D: E/D/B/B/? (51,4% at this moment)

Good loot everyone!


Congratulations for going 25/0 :green_heart: :tada: @notyou87


Anyone else go the distance lettuce know :+1: :green_heart: :tada:


It felt like this day would never come, and honestly, I never imagined it with so many toons out there. And today I felt like I was going to die on at least 2 but clawed back somehow. My last match was a c2 Cyprian lb2, he kept firing and my Waddles died and almost everyone else did :rofl:

Now I can not try so hard in the future

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Well nothing great from the rewards

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I won all attacks, but the defence didn’t held. Ranking was about 1600 :neutral_face:


Made to final day, unexpectedly. Ended 22-3 in attack, mainly beacuse i got lucky when i went mono yellow against toon cyprian tanks. Apart from that, went always with Goldie, Marcel, hit-3 Caedmon, silencer Li Xiu and a second healer depending on the enemy.
Ended up in top 5% cause the defense was a disaster. One of the worst E i can remember :rofl: