⚔ [12 Mar 2023] - 203th Raid Tournament - 4* Bloody Battle, All Elements

Day 5
O: 4-1 (22-3)
D: 0-0 (11-3) A/A/A/A/?

Waiting for 1% loot :slight_smile:

My opponents

Good loot everyone!


Final numbers :

O : 23-2
D : 34-9 [A-A-A-A-A]

Ranking & LOOT

Really close to the top :100:

A legendary tome… Woahh, I am so lucky :partying_face: :tada:

See you all next week ! :wave:


Congrats on the Legendary Tome. That’s a lot of golden emblems :grin:

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Rank : At the top of the leader board.
Score : :smiling_imp:
Loot : Top 1%

Pretty average top 1% loot. At least, it give reset emblem and 3 small aether. The fighter emblem is the emblem that I need least I have 1600+ unused of them :smile:.


Final results
Attack : 20-5 (54344)
Defense : 42-35 (AABBB)
Score : 18,822
Ranking: 3,383 (Top 1%)

Defense fell short of the existing record of 81 hits, ending up at just 77. Was good enough to stay in top 1%.

Loot was great. EHT for Spring and a 5* Holy Aether, though I don’t have any hero to use it on at the moment.

Alt also got a 5* Aether from top 1% loot.

See you all next week. Another 4* tournament. Can’t wait to test Kitty out.


Rank: 451
…and my loot is good :slight_smile:
(I need Druid emblems - only Clerics are better for me)


Points/rank :
Rank : 2658

Defense : CB Caedmon, Mist, C Tibs, CB Grimm, Junaid

Defense Results : 9-5 (A,A,A,A,A)

Offense Results : 20-4 (5-0, 4-1, 5-0, 3-2, 3-1)

Loot :
Last 3 or 4 top 1%/5% tourney loots has been fairly under-average to average lately… Though before that I got like 3 very nice top 1% loots, I hope the good loot streak will start again.

@Ranvir Is it just me, or you got 5* Golden emblems book from tourney loot quite a few times already? I’m yet to get one :(. Well can’t complain too much as I got 2 5* Experience books from rare titans so far, I guess, but 1 nice big book of bonus emblems would be lovely!


It’s my 2nd legendary tome of golden emblems from the tourney loots. I got the 1st one from a top 5% tier loot. I also got an epic tome once.

But still 0 legendary tome from the rare titan loots and my war & elemental chests.

Well we are complete opposite then, I so far got 1 4* Golden emblem and 2 5* Experience tomes from rares so far, none from elem chests too and tourney loot. RNG being RNG haha.

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Top 1%
Rank 321
O: 23-2
D: A 71%

Lost my first fight and I guess everything went pretty well from there. Both losses came to a Ferant tank. I did have two other wins. I’m not looking forward to next week’s tournament.
Not only is Ferant tough, but my blue team is particularly weak. I generally would go Grimm, Sonya, C.Frank, and Jott. I lack speed compared to any other color.

I pretty much used Mielikki and four strong heroes on every attack. Guess it worked.


Defenses of the top 10 finishers