12.5 is super glitchy

I love the ideas for 12.5 and I am looking forward to the new event challenge but the update is super glitchy. It makes the heroes look all fuzzy. It boots me out whenever it wants. I lost a raid because it booted me. There are tons of other issues too. Please fix asap.

Delilahs minions show damage but no longer do any

I have also noticed the slow/incomplete render on heros. Often blurry.

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throws out of the game half a minute after he went to the titan or began to pass the location, a very bad update, repulsed all the desire to play

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Have to say the fuzzy heroes are getting on my nerves

Also when I downloaded the update it removed my ap shortcut

I cannot open the game on one of my tablets and the game is slow and jumpy on my 2nd tablet. Please fix as soon as possible. New update was not tested very well at all