11th Hour now recruiting - 11* and 12* Titans

Looking for a competitive an still fun alliance to join?

You found it!

11th hour is very organized, well coordinated for wars and titans.

Our requirements are:

  • Min 2400 cups
  • Over 4000 TP
  • Min 60k on Titan
  • Burn all flags in war, within Strat.

We are looking for the same mindset players to make it to top 100.

If you feel that this can be the right place for you, hit our leader up in Line:
Line ID: ghost11thhour

We are waiting for you!

Mamba :heart:

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We still have a few spots open.

Take a minute and look us up. This is a great opportunity if you are looking to be more competitive and still have fun!

Contact Ghost: Line ID ghost11thhour

Mamba :heart:

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If you are an E&P addict and love to have fun and chat check us out!

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Awesome alliance that treats all like family! Come join us!

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We are full for now!

Happy Gaming all!

Mamba :heart:

A few spots open!

This is your oportunity!
Competitive and fun alliance.

Join us now.

Line ID: ghost11thhour

Mamba :heart:

Wars are great!
Coordinated and with great Strat, team work shows its magic.

Check us out and contact us if you need further info.

Line ID: ghost11thhour
Or Line ID: tigre_14

Spots available in 11th hour and in 10th hour.
Contact us!

Mamba :heart:

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