11: though must not do Atlantis 10 pulls

So now I’m in trouble…

I have 7 scopes…

I had 2 heroes… Ariel and Aegir…

Guess who I pulled?

Yups… Athena…

Is Athena better on tank than Aegir? Hmz… extra problems…

Lol. First world problems there.


Poor you :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, I have that same problem. I tend to pull a lot of great darks.
What are your other maxed 5*? If you don’t have a 5* healer, I’d vote for Ariel. I am biased though, she is the only hero on that list I have. I have her maxed and she is amazing.

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Kunchen 80 delilah 80

Blue max isarnia Alasie Arthur and Magni… Ariel waiting on 3 70 with Aegir…
No blue tank yet but using Arthur.

I think I’ll first max Aegir then Athena…as I got good blue snipers.

Other maxed 5

Yellow rana delilah and ranvir. Jackal on 16 emblems

Red maxed GM marjana and zim. Wilbur on14 emblems qoh on her way… pulled her last wonderland.

Dark khiona sartana panther and kunchen. Rigard Merlin and cc max

Green zeline Evelyn and lianne. Margaret and Greg on 3 70… waiting for October hansel 18 emblems caedmon 15 emblems

i prefer Ariel over Aegir , Ariel is pure healer tank with mana regen while Aegir is Buffer tank

Both Athena and Ariel should come before Aegir

Btw I just noticed… why so many A on ice heroes??
Ariel Athena Alasie Arthur Alice Aegir
Soon we’ll have changes like Asarnia :joy:

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That sounds like a new game thread: E&P Alliteration!

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Ariel is NOT a good tank IMO. Too easily downed.

Problem is i only have 1 4th gear… so where to put it in…

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