11 revenges I can't do

During new updates, people who updated can’t raid/revenge people who didn’t and vice versa.

I just woke up and my game updated automatically overnight. Now I have 11 revenges in my tower that I can’t do because they haven’t updated yet and that pisses me off. I feel that people are using the update as an exploit to gain easy cups as this happens every time there is one. And since I get raided 15 times an hour on average, there’s a good chance I will never get those cups back.

Can this be fixed in some way (disable raiding during the time of the update perhaps)?

I posted it in this category (and not the ideas/suggestions) Because it bugs me and I have an issue with that :wink:.


I can’t see how people are supposed to exploit this. You think that players attack you and then quickly update to the new version so you can’t revenge?

Do you expect players who have attacked to not update until all players they have recently attacked have revenged?

I never even think of my tower/ revenges when I update. I’m betting big money others don’t either. :slight_smile:

I find it funny that EVERY TIME there is an update someone comes on and is outraged!! an there is a conspiracy to make them lose cups.



me also

I’m not saying there is a conspiracy. I’m saying that I ONLY use my raid flags to revenge people and I already can’t see 3 of those 11 in my tower anymore because others have raided me in the meantime. I don’t care about winning defenses or losing cups as long as I get a chance to win (a part of) them back, I want to fill raid chests and this stops me to do just that.

What I do when I see there is a new update is take out all my raid flasks, try to get as high as possible and then quickly update…

Nah just kidding.
I never think of raids/revenges when updating.
Whenever I see there is a notification for an update I download and install as soon as I am on WiFi (most SG updates are not that small…).

When it’s time to update, you postpone it, fill a bunch of raid chests by doing raids and wait till the last moment to update. I know people exploit this, Because I’ve seen people talk about it in Global Chat. They say those attacks barely get revenged because they are on the different app version.

Personally it doesn’t bother me at all if I can’t revenge, I will just find new opponents instead.

But next time you can wait til last moment to update and you can revenge anybody trying to exploit.

It updated automatically overnight, I didn’t have a chance to do that :wink:

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