11* -14* Titans bigger stun

11* -14* Titans should have longer stun and wider stunning spots to balance out their power. They are too strong and can one hit kill many heroes. And their skills are heavy on damage over time. Please @Petri @Sara get this idea to the Developers this is a solution because these titans are too strong at these levels. Not everyone is on @Xero786 "s Level of enlightened playing style :joy:

Same for those 5* Titans my alliance can’t beat…

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@Wad definitely not same thing. You have a hard time because you are still getting strong and gathering heroes and items and troops. Everything you need is right there for you to grind and accomplish. In little time you will be facing 7*.
When facing titans 11* and above we don’t use any extra resource, we just have a more leveled game to face with the same leveled heroes and troops. Most cases they can not be leveled anymore and although a few can handle the titan using a lot of items, most players have a hard time, so I am thinking his idea was to make high level titans more “manageable” so not only the top alliances can get to top titans.

I don’t necessarily agree for 11 and 12s. But 13 and 14s for sure! Speaking of which, we just took down a 14* :slight_smile:


Lol zero …beasting

either way they need a balance to these stronger titans. using up all the items for puup loot is not great so this might help us save items for events and not to mention items and farming isn’t enough. anyways hows the loot? u guys used any flasks on them titans?

I don’t understand why we don’t have an extra ascension roll for 11-13s and 2 extra ascension rolls for 14s. The fact that you get the same rolls from 10 to 14 is laughable.


We did get some good loot. I got a ring :slight_smile: but the same number of rolls. And 6 of us (not me) used a flask towards the end. These things are beasts

For me the new titans is another try of S&G to earn more money w/o adding some balanced fun in the gane. The only way to kill those titans is with a lot of items which you need to get somehow… If a 11* titan hits my Magni in 4/80 with 4* troops in lvl 12 wiht 1250 HP… What is the fun in that:-((