11*/12* Titans- Titan X Project!

Titan X Project!

Actively looking to add to our incredible team.
We can make room for a couple if the right group wants to apply.

What’s you get:

11*/12* Titans- We are really close to not having to rest titans but not there yet.

Good sense of humor & teamwork!

Serious about the game without losing our love of it!

An established team with deep game knowledge

We’re competitive, but not “set your alarm for 3am” competitive

We fluctuate like anyone else but normally hover around Top 120 alliance score

We have some Pay to Play and Free to Play and some cheap to play teams. There is room for everyone.

Alliance rules:

  • 4K Defense Team
  • Hit the titan daily & as often as possible
  • Use 6 flags in Alliance Wars (IF opted in)
  • Must have 30+ fully leveled heroes (4 stars are fine)
  • You don’t have to be a talker but you do have to communicate and read the Banners
  • Keep leveling & growing your team
  • Must join Line

Reach out on Line

For a quick interview before joining.


Had someone retire, So we have room again for an active player

Wow. This is really nice.

We’re a fine group, if I do say so myself :joy::facepunch::heart:

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