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I just finished a 10x ice elemental pull and felt I needed to vent here.

I’ve done a couple 10x pulls so far, and I’ve only managed one 5*. Now I know many people have expressed frustration with this, but I knew it’d be difficult to get a legendary hero. That is not what this post is about.

What has me considering quitting the game is I got ZERO epic heroes as well! You cannot advance in this game with a collection of rare heroes, and the amount of time and money required for a 10x pull should require the devs to create an algorithm that is incapable of dumping 10 junk rares on an expensive pull. I wasn’t getting carried away dreaming of something ridiculous–I was just planning to quickly ascend a Grimm, Sonya, or Kiril. Getting 3 Gunnars, 3 Ulmers, and 4 other random rares is, frankly, an outrage, and has really crushed my enthusiasm for a game I’ve really enjoyed so far…

Elemental pull

I can share your pain only after knowing what 5* you get.

If you got Thorne, i cry beside you.
If you got Magni, not even if you get ten times this result i pity you.


I’m sorry about your bad pulll…thats a pretty penny spent, and I’d be kinda mad too. I’m curious, you said you have done a couple 10x pulls and you have 1 5*…how many 4s have you gotten? I usually do single pulls, but I’ve done not a few (maybe 40 or 50) and I have 2 5s and a smattering of 4*s. I’m trying to gauge what average is…


Until yesterday I’d never gotten a 5* hero from a 10× elemental pull. From the events and epic pulls, yes, but not from the elemental with a higher 5* drop rate.
FTR, I got Quintus and a duplicate Obakun in the same draw. Then my next try gave me 10 3* heroes.


In my first 10x pull, I got a Kadilen (my 5*) and Colen, and in my second (a dark) I got a Sabina, Cyprian, and Tiburtus.

Maybe this set me up for disappointment. Maybe this makes me “entitled”. I haven’t been playing long enough to know what to expect really. I do know that rares have almost zero value, and this is dangerous if you’re trying to encourage newer players to continue to invest time and money into your game. Is it overstepping to suggest a guaranteed epic in a 10x pull?


Yup, that set you up for disappointment. Wow, did that set you up for disappointment. I’d feel sympathy if you hadn’t had such a phenomenally, spectacularly lucky start.

Edit: and whoever told you that rares have “almost zero value” is a total idiot.


Many proposal in that sense coming from the community in the ideas section, no words from SG until now.

While 4* are surely more yummy and useful, you probably get many post saying you that 3* heroes has get new life after the monthly event and alliance wars, expecially for new players or generally not that old.

If i can give you my experience, i’m lv 46 and have 18 maxed 3* that i keep and use.


I have done two or three 10x summonings with one being elemental summoning. I’we got zero five star heroes. Plenty of four star heroes though…

What’s hilarious is that balthazar is called “rare”… ? Why? every random summoning this same guy appears to ruin the day :smiley: “too common” describes him better…


I still remember rerolling raids on the sight of Balthazar. He’s a trifle squishy but good at his level of gameplay. I use him in the beginner stage of the monthly events.


Yes you can advance in this game with only rare heroes. That’s why you have training camps, and time. Patience is a useful virtue in this game, very useful.


We kill titans of 7 * and my second green hero for the blue titans is still Belith

A complete team of 3 * can perfectly meet against a 6 * titan and give a attacks of about 13-18k


I am a new Player started like 40 days ago.

May I ask you which 3* Heroes you kept and for what reasons?
I’m trying to save and level the right ones from the start ^^


I have been playing for nearly 6 months, must have done a million pulls from the basic portal.
I have got every single 3* hero a ridiculous amount of times over, but never a Balthazar.
Not that it would make a difference in my team anyway… it’s just that I LOVE his outfit.


I know what you mean.
If you’re just making random pulls every now & then, that’s understandable.
But to make TEN summons in a row and get all 3*. Sound rigged to me.
I agree with you, there Should be some kind of algorithm that increases your chances the more pulls you make, otherwise the game just crushes your enthusiasm to continue playing.
Hence why so many ppl are dumping the game.
and you were nearly one of them, as I.


Hi, I’m not Elpis but I’d just like to put my word in about what 3* to keep and level.

Brienne and Bane at least, they are in my opinion one of the best. Kailani’s special is good too so I’d keep her.

There are other good 3* too but maybe someone else will help you more on this one.

Have fun playing and don’t hesitate to ask about things here on the forum, I’m sure you’ll get help if you need it! :slight_smile:


I actually ate my 3s when I didn’t use them anymore. This was before events started… Since then I have trained 2 of every colour.
Green: brienne, belith
Blue: Ulmer, gunnar
Yellow: bane, kailani
Purple: balthazar, tyrum
Red: hawkmoon, azar
When I have not so many heroes to level, I plan to save and level them all :wink: . Going to be a while though, still haven’t leveled all 4
s and have some 5* to work on too…


Fast heroes are pretty much always valuable, same as healers (there are only two), buffers (Brienne) and debuffers (Ulmer).
Spirit linkers (Kailani and Gunnar) are probably your best friends for rare quest and generally to survive on stronger enemies, so maybe the most precious when you don’t have a strong/competitive team.

That leave aside average and slow heroes with no particulary good skills, like burn or poison that is too weak on this range.

So here is a list of what i have:

  • Red: Nashgar (x2) Hawkmoon
  • Blue: Valen (x2) Ulmer, Gunnar
  • Green: Brienne, Belith, Berden
  • Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju (x2) Kailani
  • Purple: Balthazar (x2) Tyrum


First of all, thanks for the fast answers and the help from all of you!


Is really nice to know for a newbie like myself, didn’t think the hero being fast makes much of a difference.

Your answer gave me one more question.

Why no Azar? He is also fast and his mana reduce really saved my neck sometimes. Is this just a matter of preferences or am I missing something?

P.S.: I really like how helpful and friendly the forum is =)


I understand your frustration, and you’ve definitely had bad luck. The odds of getting a legendary hero from the elemental pull is around 3%, and something like 15% for epic. So the odds of not getting any 4* hero in 20 pulls is around 4%. Ouch. Of course, you had good luck in getting that 5*.

While there’s a case for being able to advance with only 3*, there is definitely a ceiling on how far those will take you. 5* are completely optional, but 4* heroes are core to mid-game play.


I have felt the same way as you. Early on after purchasing an epic offer I received three 4* heroes and thought that was the norm. Boy was I set up for disappointment. I’ve spent much more in the game since then and I have gotten those dreaded 10-3* pulls often. At least getting one useable 4* feels better. As for 5*, I just keep thinking my luck will average out, and I’ll get a great multi 5* pull. Still waiting…

Adding to what @Kerridoc said, I would say 4* heroes are essential through mid-game and end game. Used constantly on 9/10* Titans are Boldtusk, Kiril, Grimm, Tibertus, Gormek, Falcon, Jackal, and Wukong. Extra emphasis on Wukong. Even more 4* heroes are used in raid attacking in top play.