10X Atlantis summon broken 4 sets of doubles

Hi, there must be something wrong with the 10x Summon as I received 4 sets of doubles.(I captured a screenshot)SmartSelect_20190525-213716_Empires

This is not a good randomized set.

Please contact me for help

Please edit your post leaving account information is not safe and is not allowed
@zephyr1 this guy may need your help


Hi @Rachel1, the account information that needs to be protected is the Account ID, as it can be used to gain control of a player’s account.

Are you thinking that the posted username is the Account ID?


I thought the BW was the account information so I’m sorry


No worries, thanks for the vigilance! :slight_smile:


I can change my post if you want… but what about my issue.
Can you refer me to a developer?
Please and thankyou

you got 5x 4* , imo thats a good draw , 6 of them are actually atlantis hero’s also …

ive done x10 pulls & got a bunch of 3s all normal heros none atlantis & if lucky a semi useful 4


That’s a quite normal pull.
I already had 5 of a kind in a 10.


Oh… seems like the system is rigged against us

Rigged, nah. Chance of not getting what you want? Most definitely

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I think it’s just an inherent feature of the randomisation used. I don’t do 10x pulls, but if this is not an anomaly, then I guess the randomisation is based on timestamp or something similar, which would suggest that runs very close together (like virtually at the same time) would have very similar results

As was noted, that’s actually a pretty good pull, getting four 4* among 10 draws. :slight_smile:

I did a total of 18 pulls this time around, using a combination of gems and coins. I got only three 4* heroes, and fifteen 3* heroes (including 4x Muggy, 3x Melia, 3x Mnesseus).

Duplicate heroes doesn’t mean it isn’t random. Have you ever played Yahtzee? :wink:

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It’s not broken, it’s manipulated, it’s the scam.

The Forum is mostly for player peer support, so this isn’t really the place for that.

If you want to try contacting SGG directly, you can do so following the directions here: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

I will say, though, I think it’s unlikely you’ll get anything but a stock response. But it’s worth a shot, I suppose.


I just did a quick calculation and, unless I screwed something up, it’s about a 1 in 1.3 million occurrence. Not impossible, but it certainly ought not to be happening often.

If we were to see many instances of this sort–particularly during relatively slow periods in people doing draws–it would suggest some sequential correlation issues in the RNG.

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Man if it was double hels, GMs, ursenas and Inari’s, we might be seeing a different post.


haha not wrong ! Players need to drop the expectation of guarantee get something for your money, all you are doing is guaranteeing a chance at getting something (good) for your money.

That being said i do think if you are willing to pay for the 10 pack a 4* at the least should pop, i mean it is $30.

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