10th raid Tournament: Incorrect Scores Shown on the Leaderboard

It seems that we have people with more points than possible (average 660 points/raid)



24.June: After the first day CTAC is numbers one. 500 points in front of the second. 1000 points in front of me. I have won all 5 raids. there is something absolutely not right here. It’s stinking…

The amount of points you get per win depends on the difficulty of the opponent you are matched up with. It does stink that there is a lot of luck there, but it certainly isn’t cheating.

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I have no emblemed 3*. Gut fought against emblemed. 1000 points difference…hmm

Will be interesting to see what happens to the leaderboard at the end of the day, when defense scores are added.

The top 5 are impossible, all the rest sounds correct. There is no matchup that gives 660 points for a win

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