10th month #NoSpend TIME TO DECLARE WAR!

What about the fact that most of the time, when a ftp player is able to.max out a hero. It took them so long to get all the matts the hero is obsolete? What about the fact that they don’t stack duplicates forcing people to spend hard to farm gems to keep expanding to create space for tons of unusable heroes. This list goes on but the summon one could be addressed even by jusy adding all heroes to the tc20. Not great odds of course but wow, a chance to get anyone seems fair dont yo think?


But that’s asking for things for free again which you adamantly weren’t doing at the start.

I just asked for that :smile:
Journey for better heroes - A painstakingly long road to TC20 (and beyond) for a F2P
Literally, just now

And I agree. I’m not advocating to keep making this worse. I’ve been arguing for balance too much…

And I’m tired of being told I don’t know how to play or I don’t have the heroes.
Even when debating buffs…! Someone will argue against it.

So I give up. This is a loot box game. And balance will be a war zone.
I accept that.

They have to keep the spenders,

But also not break the game somehow?

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in wars, theoretically players should be playing players of the same caliber

if they’re playing vs opponents that have some teams stronger than them, should still be able to come off with a W with some coordination and strategy

if they’re playing vs opponents where all 30 teams are too big for them to win consistently, then they’re in over their heads and should either take a step down, do more clean ups/tank busts, or lower their expectations of consistent performance if going for multiple 1 shots on bigger teams

if titans are too big for them to handle, try different strategies, team setups, battle item uses, etc. if none of that works, again step down to an alliance more within their strength

expecting f2p and p2p to be on exact same levels just doesn’t make any sense.

if i go to the local grocery store and get a piece of steak as a free sample, i don’t write a letter to complain about the guy buying a t bone steak and threaten a boycott if they continue to sell him a t bone steak while not offering whole t bone steaks as free samples…

spend what you can afford or spend what you choose, whichever but should have realistic expectations that if you’re not paying for a product, your product may be smaller or inferior than the product others are paying for

if i get a car from charity, i don’t expect a Ferrari or a corvette…probly a mini van from 1992…

even in call of duty on ps4 there is a p2w aspect due to weapon blueprints and that has been discussed on youtube. personally i have no issue with it as i have not bought any of the blueprints or even the battlepass since frankly i don’t play the game enough to spend more than the initial cost of the game, but I’m not going to start some “boycott tantrum revolution” saying players who bought the blueprints have better guns than the ones i access for free as it is an expectation that a bought product is typically better than a free one.

i could keep going with the different analogies.

could the game improve? sure. i can think of 100 ways the game could improve for any/all players, not just free and not just p2p. But if i wanted to take the time to discuss those issues, the discussion wouldn’t start off with a rant of “if me and my friends don’t get more free stuff from you guys, we’re going to give bad reviews and ask others to put their wallets away”…

I’m not trying to insult you, just to me that’s how your original post comes across and each of your responses doesn’t help it come across any better and i can’t for life of me wrap my ahead around how someone can conduct that type of behavior and thought process and not find any flaws in their actions or logic behind them.

plenty of stuff i do or say that i can look at and say “ok, yea that was a bit silly” but you seem to lack that a bit.

Also by your hostility and attitude, it seems you didn’t even want a discussion with your OP, you just wanted blind agreement which is pretty unrealistic expectation(thankfully)

i don’t think I’ve seen a discussion take place in this forum where everyone was in agreement on 1 topic. Anytime someone starts a new thread, there’s going to be questions, debates, different ways of thinking, etc. People are still people, completely normal. No reason to get ticked off or act hostile about it.

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How is waiting on a tc20 to give something free? Everyone had to fsrm.and build with the same resources and there is no garutnee if anything coming out but the hope that younwill.get something nice eventually is better than knowing norther what you never will.

One if the things the guy highlighted about our.new game is that the other game he plays has the same crappy summon odds as ours. He broke it down numerically very well, and just like I’m letting players know here, other games are not being anywhere near as stingy many now slightly behind the times games in the playstore.

Str8 to the point, if people know they can work for something they will, but if people feel no matter what they do they will.get nothing for the work they won’t.

The fact that people have to hoard some much I. This game it always makes the feel like Disneyland Disneyland they get to one that is not so stringent.

I have yet to buy a single monthly or weekly v.i.p. pass in my current game yet I’m able to average 3 to 4 multi pulls per week, more during events, in 10 months I am only missing 7 total heroes in game which makes it easy for me to eenjoymyself cause I can always plan for things. I may not be able to fully max them immediately but knowing there is nothing I can’t get is a feeling everyone should be ale to experience.

is this rhetorical?
game does supply all the resources you need on a daily basis to run a tc20

yes you spend time but time is involved when playing any game

At no time did I say give people free anything I stated that there should be more ways for people to acquire things, there should be quest that you can take to farm becessary Matta that u want notnpray they drop grom.some.24 hour titan.

No one expects p2w and ftp to be in the same league but what one does expect is the ability to be able to attain rewards and heroes through game play which empires does not do. Why in 4 years is there no way to farm or compete for a 5 start hero token garunteed?

You keep defending that is fine for players to get a known advantage yet shoot down making ways for people to achieve without spending and thats where we don’t agree.

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would suggest spending more time there if that’s what you enjoy

why spend time on this game or it’s forum if you no longer enjoy it?

you realize this is already in the game right?

just did the dblade quest yesterday

for a couple reasons and probly more.

1 it wouldn’t be enough, anytime devs supply us with anything whether more emblems or mats or more heroes or whatever the case may be, it’s never enough

2 it’s just not in the mechanics of the game to supply people with guaranteed 5*. not needed to compete with peers and it would reduce profits of those that want to compete on higher levels by spending on more summons to get better heroes, especially those who want certain heroes

people can kill titans without spending
win wars without spending
complete quests and challenge events without spending
etc etc etc

what more do you want?

Because I have friends here still and I remember the times when I did. What is wrong with someone seeing something new thats exciting and would greatly benefit the game.they used to play. You are so against something new that you don’t even know what it would like because ,like so many other players, this is all they know and they have just had this oh well accept attitude.

Whelp we didn’t accept and we banded together demanded change and it happened. And they giy who started it literally had no reason too other than he cared about everyone as a whole and to watch a company actually listen wqs astounding to behold. You sound like a guy that still has a tube television in his house because you don’t have need for a flat sceeen

all for new stuff.

guess you haven’t read the 2021 sneak preview thread about a game you care so much about

have a flat screen and surprise i bought it and gave away the tube tv for free lol

Better reward theirs, less stingyness with gems, fusion of heroes to create other heroes, get rid of these stupid emblems and give heroes actual gear, award theirs where everyone can farm a way to the top instead of whoever bought the most world energy flasks gets all the loot. REAL ■■■■■ LOOT IN THE TITAN AND WAR CHESTS. You know, appreciation for the work the players put in for making this company the profit they have

Surely the better analogy is having a tube tv and complaining it doesnt have all the fancy bells and whistles of the latest smart tv?


Lol you got what I meant. Lol this guy is like so for spend spend spend its almost scary

the biggest flaw with improvements you want to see, is the way you’re going about trying to see them implemented

i don’t see you starting idea threads which have been implemented by devs in the past

instead it’s been rant rant rant rant boycott lol

ideas should have been the first step.

2nd step, hearing pros and cons of the ideas.

3rd step, improving the idea based on the pros and cons and making sure it’s appealing to both sg and players

i have no problem with increasing free summons in the game. no argument to that at all.

but to expect guaranteed 5s and for f2p to have guaranteed ways to earn the same heroes others are spending thousands for just doesn’t make sense for players or sg. it’s a pretty near sighted and selfish demand imo

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Yeah all that’s been tried for years yet here we are. Population so small all the families are having to war each other cause there is no one left. Keep lying to yourself all you want, game has been dying and it shouldn’t have so letnthem squeeze that last bit of juice from younif you want, but if nothing is gonna change then they need to feel the same way the players have. Like no one gives a ■■■■ about them.

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No one left?? We are ranked around 500 and play a different full alliance every war.

What level of the game only has a few players left?

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