10th month #NoSpend TIME TO DECLARE WAR!

I’m not mad about a fair system. I just have no idea what you think a fair system actually is.

If there is any mechanism where money can be used to improve a team and you can’t stop them doing that then that’s not fair. In exactly the same vein as life isn’t fair. Bill Gates has billions yet I don’t have billions. We should make it fair and get him to give it all away so everyone has the same money right? Pretty sure that’s been tried before and didn’t work out so well…

If you want a game that is fair for all then this won’t ever be it because wealth is clearly a deciding factor.

What I see you want is totally “more stuff for free”. You keep saying you don’t want that but then contradict yourself.

If you like your other game so much then congratulations, I’m happy you are happy. But I’ll stick with this one and my pre-set affordable budget thanks.

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Unhappy parties should just rate 1* for this game in Google Play or Apple Store. When enough players vote 1*, the ratings for this game will drop.

It’s now 4.5* in the Apple Store. Enough response will cause this 4.5* rating to drop bit by bit.

And it’s not just once now, just keep on rating daily or as when you are allowed to rate.

When the ratings for this game drops low enough, Apple and Google will ask SG what’s happening. Then they will have to do something to improve their ratings right?

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It’s still 4.7 in Apple store and no, if a rating drops low Apple don’t ask them anything. That’s entirely up to the developer.

I use an external work App that is rated as 2 on the App Store. It’s still there.

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The fact that money is the only way to get heroes means unfair system. Tons of other games in the app store have multiple ways to get heroes and multplue ways for people to level heroes and not have the same biluilds creating actual diversity.l. the length of time to complete any event in empires now is very long which is also pushing players away and bone if the stuff gives enough reward for time spent

It’s not the only way to get heroes. My F2P alliance mates with 4500+ defences entirely differ

It’s the easiest way to get heroes. Not the only way.

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We must stand together, and promote better changes for the game and community!

With similar purpose in mind, I created a thread, where you can raise sheild in support and vote for the direction you wish for game to develop, few posts lower : A letter to an old friend ( Khagan to Ratatoskr) - COMMUNITY SENDING MESSAGE TO SG (MUST READ!)

// lets hope, we dont get to the point, where we need to take your steps above, but find more peaceful way!

All in all, WE STAND together! :slight_smile:


all I’m doing is having a civil discussion which is what this forum is for.

i have no problem with anchor and seems a lot don’t have a problem with anchor from what i can tell. which if you do, that’s your choice but i don’t see why you keep making things about other people.

this is a “movement” you’re trying to start
you started the thread
you wrote the OP
you’ve been the loudest voice in this thread

why do you insist on making this discussion about others?

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well that seems like a positive effort

Huge support. Lets hurt them where they will feel the pain ( in money )

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This all sounds nice and fairytalish, i got some questions though.

This other game you mentioned that rebelled… How big it was? Who was the developer? Did it have gigant like zynga looming over their heads?

I guess no. And here is the difference my friend - if the game is small and heard by developers, if they got good PR person, if they are independent, all of your ideas make sense.

But we can’t compare EP to this other unnamed game, therefore it’s really hard to implement those ideas of rebellion…

How many people are here active on forum, how many on reddit, on fb, and not on any social media at all??
Because I honestly think that here we are a minority. Majority of casual players don’t read stuff and get involved in forums, this is a mobile game for gods sake, people play it while commuting or during free evenings. Hardcore players like us, i don’t think there is more than 50k. And how many in overall play… dunno, we could use SG data here.

So whales there in your game got angry and made vids. Cool. Here whales will drop today a video “sPeNDiNg 70k GeMs To SuMmON tHoR” and that will be the end of your war.

Have fun though and good luck.

I’ve also said this!
I think we are a smidge off kilter though.

On Day 1

I suppose the imbalance was between 3 to 4*
Then 4 to 5*

And it was off to the races!

Who will have that pure 5* D, first?

Quickly the dust settled.
Wasn’t the first Meta a Magni tank?

Saturation developed. Not really because imbalance. But less variety.

Then first event, Pirates!

And it was off to the races!

And more events, then season 2, and more events, then season 3 and more events…

Next S4…and…

It’s been… off to the races
The entire time! True Story


The balance issues, now…are not between 4* and 5*
Noor have they ever been.
We’ve been racing for so long. That last year, Costumes became necessary…

Comparing Quintus to say…Killhare
Is gross! :face_vomiting: the conversation really should be/ between 5 and 6* at this point.
And then costumes are not balance. They are new cards! And more pulls!

It’s really not so difficult to look at all of that and think about tomorrow. And next year. And the year after… which is important due to the amount of grind and time required!

So what’s really changed? The optics.
That’s all.

And while I respect these guys opinions:

They can be straightforward about weaker releases. But how often does that happen? Which, through no fault of their own… they tend to help generate excitement in support of, the races and not balance.

#nospend is a decision that YOU should contemplate on YOUR day 1 !

Contemplating it later… will cause heartburn. Awful indigestion!
Because you feel invested!
And your watching the money you spent get nerfed… whether over time or swiftly.

It’s not likely that you will put that fire out here. But I suppose it does feel good to vent. And possible help enlighten a newcomer about spending money on their
Dream Team

Or not :joy:
There will still be someone that loves
3-connecting so much they will donate a fortune.

As far as changing policy? I believe they are here! Among us :eyes:

But business… @Cheds is right. This is a very old business model. It exists for a reason. And likely won’t change without obliterating the loot box.
Which… won’t happen

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The voices coming to my line for info says you are wrong and anything I can do to help it along I will. Already in the thread the necessary information cant be post here but I wanna thank everyone who has come for more info and offered their support.

I’m glad you are happy thats the goal for everyone

i don’t think 22 people is remotely close to any kind of a majority

and after reading what you replid to, i don’t even see how that proves me wrong on anything I’ve said or wrote so far

I have been playing this game #nospend (well, #minisculespend) for three years. I enjoy the game so far. That may change when non-S1 costumes are released but that’s a future concern.

If I ever stopped playing though, I doubt very much I would switch to another similar game. I would find something entirely different to play.

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I agree it’s a video game, but this is not fair to F2P players. I use to go to wars and I could do defeat opponents now if I go up against ninjas, a Krampus, Kill Haré and Frigg i Can use 6 war flags and still won’t kill them especially on fast attack

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I wonder why though?

If you’re not a spender. Then it’s extraordinarily likely you don’t have a costume anyway.
And even if you do. They will be made obsolete regardless. Even without costumes expanding on.
By next year S1 costumes will need…
Another costume!!!

Just as S2 and older event heroes are now falling behind!

So as the trend continues. And the stats inflate. Buffing the old and weak:
Including Finley not now :joy:
But as S4 and more events come. Eventually he will be obsolete too.

For me the crime isn’t that costumes are expanding to encompass more heroes.
Strong heroes. Whatever… who cares?
Costumes are still new pulls?

The true crime is that they exist at all!
Rather than buff your old 5* that have become miniaturized by the lucrative new WhoooWhooo’s… 6*

Because… oh… balance update…that would… be free?
Oh no no no. Can’t have that?
F2P, yeah… that group should get a voice! Because the truth is. Paying players are in the same boat!
Whether they know it or not.
Whether they like it or not…

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so spend money…

you’re playing for free

get what you pay for :man_shrugging:

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It’s a matter of integrity – or lack thereof. When costumes were released we were told they would only be for S1 heroes – a bone for the f2p’s admittedly hidden behind a paywall but still a bone. It is similar to the statement I made that if it could be shown that boards were in fact not random then I would quit playing.

And I do have costumes. Costume Sartana is a beast on my team. Since I only get S1 heroes in the portals anyway I only use my hoarded gems in the costume portal.


I can’t be agree with this. The fact that money is the only way to get heroes means that players are not equals, that players with more money have a big advantage on those who don’t. That’s not unfair, it’s real life and maybe tha’ts a pity that today’s games match real life but that another discussion.

Something unfair in this game?
Maybe the fact that long time ago TC20 was providing not so bad heroes and today new f2p players got garbage from TC20. New players may consider it’s unfair that most accessible heroes for free are outdated, what was not our case when we begin to play.
Maybe the fact that after pulling some nice heroes (for free or not) they are nerfed because OP (like Teluria or Vela) or simply to give space to another hero (wukong has been nerfed to give some reasons to players to chase tarlak) they are nerfed.
Maybe raid tournament are unfair because some players are attacked several time a days (given them opportunity to classify between E and A) and others are not attacked for days (classifying them C) or worst beeing attacked one single time during event (defeat on first day that rewards you a E for all the week)

I’m pretty sure we can find constructive argument on what is unfair in the game but summon is not the better one.

What is unfair from SG is that we’re complaining for years about roster management and nothing is done to change this, what is unfair is that SG just put a small line on its sneak peek 2021 about QoL.

Did they use the word, only?
I honestly can’t remember. It still doesn’t make sense to confine costume profit potential though.

Because S2 is fast becoming obsolete next. Why should my Misandra get left out? How is that fair?

And so on…

The birth of costumes was from an obsolescent womb.

Which isn’t going anywhere… it’s expanding. Because… no one will visit a portal unless it has something stronger and faster.

Rinse… repeat until the make-up is tear-streaked on your C. Sartana

Which means… even if they do confine the costumes to S1.

  • The current costumes will still fall behind!

along with all the other old heroes.

It was already happening anyway!
It’s been happening all along.
And it isn’t going to stop…
Whether Costumes expand, or not.
So why be bothered?

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