10th month #NoSpend TIME TO DECLARE WAR!

free players have free chances at every portal

if they want more chances they can pay for them like a lot of others do

if they don’t have the means for them then they don’t need them but then they have much bigger issues to focus on than a match 3 mobile game…

it’s fair.


Ftp not Freeloader TP

On what planet do you afford the same benifits as someone that pays for it ?

Complete nonsense!!! Get a life its a Game !!!

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Once you were able to get everyone, or most everyone, to boycott, what were your demands?

People are arguing for and against this, but don’t have any of the facts. Please enlighten us.

If were gonna do this, let’s do this!


I applaud you @DoctorStrange for your efforts.

I am not on Line, only on Discord, I would like more info from you though so I might just download it.


Yeah it’s just a video game… Mere pixels etc but to some it’s a means of entertainment, something to pass time, to connect with people or catch fun in, while to some it’s a job,…a business… a mean of livelihood…in all people’s money, time and interests are involved… Meaning in a way it has a strong level of socioeconomic impact, therefore it shouldn’t be uncommon to have people clamoring for changes due to diverse interests…

Well good luck on this quest @DoctorStrange unfortunately, many living in self inflicted psychic cave would not see nor understand your intention.


need AVENGERS to beat Thanos !!!

says you and probly 100 people on this forum. which the forum alone has like 33k users…

and the game has over 10 million downloads.

i don’t think the complaints of 100 or even 1k is a large portion of the players or even the forum users. that is a pretty small % of either one.

and so far the main voice in this thread has been yours. where are the floods of people who feel the same?

he wants free stuff.

not that hard to understand from the OP.

“these guys got free stuff, if we do it too we’ll get free stuff”…


There’s a big difference between saying you will do something and then actually doing it.

Remember the 1 million+ people who were going to storm Area 51? A woman in the town near to that remortgaged her house to try and make money from it.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet eh?

The concept of the “Noisy minority” is not a new one. It’s not new to this game either. There will always be people unhappy. If you find 1000 like minded individuals you feel like you start to represent everyone. 1000 voices shouting for change sounds very loud. But if you have 999,000 people not shouting it makes you look very small.

We’ve seen this recently in politics on both sides of the ocean.

To bring about change you need a noisy majority. The chief whale seemed to be able to do this in the OP’s opening monologue. Though I struggle to believe someone who had spent $37,000 was thinking of the greater good I can see they were able to co-ordinate into a voice loud enough to be heard and the devs felt reasonably threatened to change. Now they are beholden to the mob which is why I see SGG doing nothing to change course. They feel there path is the best and they are going to walk it irrespective.

You decision is whether you continue to walk with them or not.

But best of luck whatever you decide to do


I’m not a free player. Any hero here I wanted I could chase. I stopped spending after the francois and telluria debacle because it was damn near criminal they way they exploited money from everyone and had a huge nerf festival not even a solid three months after the whole playerbase in beta told them that it would damage the game. Anyone here before that mess knows the whole game has gone to crap since then.

You can go through this forum and see thousands of voices, the frp rebellion, post after post of change wanted but the top most players literally don’t give a ■■■■ aboutnthe frp.crowd here even though we have lost well over half of the largest contributors I the game. Mods who helped shaped this game burned out and left. Allianxe that had muscle chapters down to one, steady decline eever since that mess.

So to think I want anything free is insane. To want people to have a fair chance to enjoy the game as we did is all that is being asked.

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I’ve enjoyed the game since then and it looks like quite a few have considering how many are still playing and…spending

the only mods that have left that i know of, had already left before jean and telluria

also jean was beta…so that would be odd to include in the telluria outrage

i have seen alliances come and go, but have also seen familiar faces from those alliances playing in other alliances so think to say everyone in those disbanded alliances have quit is a bit of an extreme stretch to back your point

plenty of people are enjoying the game as much or more than they did before the telly nerf. they wouldn’t be as active on forums, line, in game, and in spending if they weren’t. people come and go from games all the time for one reason or another, that’s natural and not a sign of end times.

how would you possibly know this?

you know all these contributors by name? how much they spend? what’s the total number of largest contributors? how much did they contribute altogether?

well guess reading your OP is insane then…


I do know the top players and spenders in the game cause I been here since the beginning, from Razor to Nittany lion to UCLAPACK to Anchor I been here since the beginning kid, when guin was queen Supreme, when gravemaker got release sand shook up the world when he looked like hesucked, when there was no such thing as beta beat, when @Kerridoc was still a mod. You do t care about the players good don’t, this obviously is not the post for you but im not a fan of the shirt tickers, never have been, never will be. I grew up when gaming took actual skill before they even had easy normal and hard modes, so do some research before you spout nonsense. I’m not some two month player asking for handouts im a vet who is sick of the way the game design is going. The pull odds in this game are atrocious, in my current game as a total ftp u can ammass 3 to 4 ten pulls a week. Ask a ftp A
here who doesn’t even have v. i.p. how long they would have to save to get just 1. If you think that’s fair you are the joke.

We also have a way to use our duplicate heroes to turn into currency to purchase five stars we do not own, this means when a player misses a banner within 2 weeks they have a chance to realistically get said hero they wanted, we can specifically farm whatever matts we need for a hero so that we can actually play with them minutses after acquiring not get a hero and take so many months to finally level it that it’s obsolete before u even get it to its final tier. This are all legimate complaints that have gone on for years and new playstore games have addressed these issues and created games that appeal to gamers not just spenders. Skill should never be based on wallet size and the fact that these people spend up to 10k per month on summons just to continue to run mono is probably the biggest joke in the history of gaming.


kerridoc left before telluria

ucla, nittany, anchor, etc are still playing

name dropping doesn’t really help your previous statements

game does take some skill btw, I’ve seen people spend thousands and still have no clue what they’re doing in game. 1 guy didn’t learn how to use special skills until he had already played for 3 months(and no joke, i thought he was kidding when he asked me…)

wallet does help, but as far as competing with your peers of equal or less spending, skill is a good part of it to be consistent. some players even punch above without spending large amounts( f2p andrea beat out zero in epic tier of a challenge event, in case you forgot)

to expect all heroes to be the same or for SG to give away all heroes to everyone for free and remove any profit to be made from the game is a bit naive…

this isn’t a console game. we’re not playing mario kart or pac man here…

Name.dropping means I k ow.wtd im.talking about and how long I been here. Anchor name.is.mudd now.and everyone e knows it, razor, one I’d the biggest givers I have ever met I. To community with the titan mafia web page is gone. UCLAPACK stop making vids and let’s not talk about the hate cast her way forever.

Again you don’t care fine but don’t act like I’m some ftp player wanting handouts I been I. A top allaimce family for over a year with many of us reaching number one alliance multiple times. Now go tuck your shirt back In and find a post where you can add something positive to the discussion as this one is about fairness and how to come about it. If that bothers you then that makes you no better than SG to me. Stop wasting my time.

I’ve yet to hear how this game is unfair.

if every player has the same odds per pull as the next, and every player has the same option to obtain the same amount of opportunities for pulls as the next whether it’s by grind or purchase, it is by definition “fair”

anyway you can elaborate on how this game is unfair?

ps…name dropping doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about. i mean i could start pluckin celebs out of people magazine when talking about current issues within society but that doesn’t mean i know what I’m talking about lol

btw last i watched an anchor stream, he seemed to be doing quite well. has his own site now, own merchandise, streaming multiple games, rolling out new content regularly, new subscribers regularly and live stream chats seem lively…so who were you thinking of when you said “everyone knows his name is mudd”?

I was chatting to Brad Pitt and Matt Damon about this very problem only yesterday.

They were on board with me but then Chris Pratt comes in and he’s like “no way dude, it’s totally a mess”

But luckily before it went to fisticuffs Robert Downey Jr walked in and sorted it right out.


I really need to not get involved in these types of posts as they infuriate the soul…BUT…

Just a discrepancy in your post. Who stopped making vids? I am sure I watched a new vid released just today about war hits…

This kind of thread just creates division in the community and adds to the toxic ness of the forum. People constantly wanting to seperate themselves into groups F2P, C2P, VC2P etc even the final acronym is nonsense and insulting P2W it is P2P like all the others. My budget during lockdown some would consider extravagent. To others it’s a drop in the ocean. But here’s the thing it’s also nobody else’s business. Spend, dont spend who gives a ■■■■. Play the game, Leave the game who cares. But dont expect an echo chamber where everyone agrees with you.

Done with this nonsense.


And just FYI Uclapack put a video out 11 hours ago of the latest rush war vs Aggressive.

So maybe your data isn’t up to date??

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I left the game with no problem at all but if learning from newer games could get empires to implement some.much needed changes to.bring that joy back im all for that also. Why are people.mad because people.want a fair system.for.everyone?? If you eliminated the monetary aspect of this game.and made it so that everyone was ftp, with the current summon rates how long would empires have last?

I agree it needs change. And yes those with a wider reach to the community could be the ones to instil that (I.e.) nittany has tried to do so previously which he got some stick for but I applauded his efforts.

I suppose though given that SG are now permitting social influencers to share beta comment, these guys are keeping their head low on the off chance SG make contact for them to start further promoting hero’s or sneak peaks to events etc which would be far more lucrative to aid in growth of their channels. So sadly I feel our guys out there i don’t think will want anything more to do with criticising or trying to drive change that this game absolutely needs. These guys aren’t dumb, in fact are very savvy and knowledgeable to the problems the way the game is run. @Mr.Spock @NittanyLionRoar @Anchor . Not expecting anything from this, but you guys have more influence on actually catching SG ear to bring about necessary changes for the good of all.

Anchor is on vacation he doesn’t want to be bothered just a heads up

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