10th month #NoSpend TIME TO DECLARE WAR!

Hey guys thnx again as always and for the first time in my continued #nospend I have some information that might just stir things up.

I’m currently at 10 months nospend with empires, as I feel the quality of life for FTP is almost nonexistant at this point, and the changes the game has brought are simply to time/resource consuming to even be fun. I log in once per week to say hey to the gang but have not even finished using a full set of raids in over a month.

As some of you know I found a new game that I began playing in its first week and have pretty much migrated there with some other players from here.

Not gonna bog you guys down with tiny details but cut and dry the whole community basically put out a BOYCOTT that was steam headed by the top whale in the game on his YouTube channel.

A man who had spent 37k on his account launched the first ever major boycott versus a dev team. Complete with instructions on how to do it.

Within 24 hours, The playerbase not only got a response from the dev team, they made them cancel the coming weeks content three days before release 1 week after the boycott, they devs have put up patch notes, are giving the whole.community a free 5 star hero, and cancelled the original time line for events and explained how the new one would work based on the feedback/ huge boycott from the players.

This went to reddit, Facebook, all over YouTube and for the first time a company listened. @Guvnor @zephyr1 any mod, I am not sure of the forum rules in a situation like this do before posting any links I wanted to make sure i would not be violating company policies.

This game has gone the wrong direction for far to long and to be part of what just happened was an amazing feeling.

1- everyone including the whales agreed to not summon on the upcoming banner as they had had enough. When the biggest whale in the game made a boycott vid people listened.

2- everyone went to the playstore and rated the game 1 star. A lot of people don’t know this rating gets to low app will be removed from the store.

3-stand behind your ftp players and demand change!!

Anyone seeking anymore information on how it all went down you can find me on the line app. Line I.d. kucherbalzov.

We have a group currently reaching out to content creators here to help the the community get what it really needs.

All support is greatly appreciated. Let the real FTP rebellion begin


Never mind I had to take the period off.

I am ancient. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Forum Rules prohibit most discussions of other games, so I think linking to posts about another game are likely to be removed by Small Giant Staff.

My suggestion would be to focus the Forum portion of your efforts on gathering players together, and moving to another venue where greater freedom of communication will apply if needed for planning or coordination purposes.

Your suggestion for people to connect with you on Line seems like a good starting point for that.

The Forum can also be used for feedback or expressing complaints, so long as it’s done civilly.

So the Forum can also be used for posting messages and suggested actions, and such, as you’ve begun to do in your first post.

I will note that the #NoSpend movement that players previously attempted to initiate through the Forum doesn’t seem to have gelled into a cohesive or effective effort to the same sort of degree you’re describing for this other game’s community.

But perhaps similar efforts now will be more successful, and I certainly think it’s Forum-appropriate for you to broach such a discussion.


if people are enjoying the game and spending their money on it, i don’t think I’d be crapping on their good time to recruit for my personal interest

just me though

good luck


If everyone isn’t treated fairly, and people.enjoy crapping on those players, then I guess I will enjoy giving that player group their chance to crap back. I started with empires and to see the game where it is and the fact nothing has ever been done for those people. Someone needs to do something, if that’s not you enoy yourself but I have always taken up for all playerbases whether people agreed with that or not.


Thnx for that info zeph didn’t wanna break any rules my good sir.


Here’s hoping the devs can find a way to show us that they’re listening and will pump the breaks on the power creep and the excessive money grabs and settle into balancing the game and improving the features the community most wants to see implemented. But if not…

Workers of the world, unite! :slightly_smiling_face:


I stopped spending money when Telluria and Vela were nerfed, my 2 powerfull heroes… they ruined my war defense… and I spent that money looking for them early in the 2020. So from that day no more $ to SG anymore, I prefer to buy something for me or just something else that I know WILL NEVER GET NERF. And I have to tell, I enjoy more now than before with all those disappointments about nerfs or summons… The game has a rythm of new heroes that is impossible to follow… you have to spend a huge amount of money to catch something (and not all) of them… and when you level them, and give them the epic materials and emblems… SG put new and stronger heroes so, what you have is old… is useless… Of course people do with their money what they want to do… I am talking from my own experiencie… The perfect example of this is Telluria and Frigg or ninjas… why did the nerfed Telluria if they were going to put a heroe like Frigg or those ninjas??? Thas was a joke… it has no sense…


Totally agree and it’s only getting worse with these costumes. The line has to be drawn. New spenders that get season 3 heros are miles ahead of veteran players that have been working on heroes for years. That just is not right in any way at all for FTP here.


If we could do it it can be done here also. And it needs to be done. This game used to be so fun, i iterally couldn’t wait till work was over to play and to now log in and not even want to attempt anything. It’s just not right.


Zeph covered it all off :slight_smile: nothing more for me to add .



It’s not the nerfing I mind so much as the initial release of such imbalanced heroes in the first place, though the overall affect and the end result and frustration is similar. They had to severely nerf Guinevere at one point, and Telluria and Vela later, and now the problem exists across so many of the top 10-15 heroes they’ve released in the last year.

I’m hopeful that the problem can be fixed with minor tweaks to the OP heroes (to Frigg and Odin and Finley and some of the ninjas—and/or to their family bonus) and with a general buff to the heroes in the game who have been passed over (Ares, Perseus, Owl, most of the classics, and about a dozen or two others), not via a costumed money-grab but through mechanical adjustments and earned player rewards. But we’ll see.

This constantly having to spend large amounts of money to keep up with a game they’re destroying with their greed is maddening, particularly for those of us who’ve loved the game and played it for so long.



again guys…it’s a video game :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


Exactly and games should be fair for all not the select few with credit limits that should be embarrassed at what they are spent on

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how is it not fair?


There will always be spenders this isn’t the first and won’t be the last game to try this #nospend objective

All I picked up from this is that another game had serious issues as well. So no one is perfect.

That community just did a better job holding the developers to ransom it sounds like.

No one forces anyone to spend anything. People go on and on about developer greed (and they are here to make money, I’m not an idiot) but it’s also PLAYER greed. Players want everything now and in this and evidently other games the path to that is money. No game should have $37k spent on it. It’s absurd.

You can play this game for nothing. I know at least 3 players with very good rosters in my alliance. They have patience of saints but they are playing for free.

All I’m picking up from the various Angry mobs is you want everything now but for nothing. Don’t we all?

But again, no one is forced to spend $1 on this. Unfortunately pride and ego’s have overtaken common sense and suddenly it’s all SGG’s fault…

2 sided coin


Therr is a difference between we want it all.and fsirnfor everyone. Those are vastly different perspectives. P2w originated in the form of items being bought that gave people advantages that could bot be farmed In game. Without certain heroes many parts of the game and rewards are completely out of reach or take so long that players become frustrated instead of enjoying themselves. No one joins a game with the intention of staying at the booth and having a top that isn’t reachable withiut money no.longer makes it a game.

The community wanted fairness all around just as ftp have asked for here and it had never been. The fact that a total ftp can only amass 2 maybe 3 multi spins per year without spending money is simply insane we I cam average 3 to 4 per week in my other game. Fairness is not asking for everything g to be handed to them but asking for things to be able to be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time and with all player.groups though of is not two.sided in anyway it is simply fair. Nothing wrong with paying to speed up, but plenty wrong with not being able to attain without paying

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The game model has been this way since the start. Since literally day one.

So what is “fairness”? Making it so people can only ever do a set number of summons at portals? But that’s not fair either as F2P won’t even be able to do that. Stopping the summon mechanic altogether and getting heroes from watching adverts? But again, the person who can do that all day has advantage over someone who just plays for an hour. So not fair. I honestly don’t know how any card collecting game can do it different. Trading just creates a secondary market where market forces set prices. How much would you pay for Cobolt? $2000? That’s not fair either is it.

As the wise Turtle said in Ku Fu Panda - You can control where plant the peach seed but no matter what you do, that seed will grow to be a peach tree.You may wish for an apple or an orange, but you will get a peach.

This game is what it is…wishing it to be something different is going to help.

Unless you stop spending altogether you can’t have fairness. This isn’t a game of chess where everyone has the same team. Money and fairness most certainly don’t go hand in hand with each other.

Both sides have a responsibility I fully accept that. Are SGG doing enough? I’d agree they aren’t.

Are players who drive the game by dropping thousands on the portals blameless? Hell no they aren’t. They drive the FOMO with the brag posts and brag YouTube videos. People who can’t afford it fall down the rabbit hole chasing the same rosters. Trying to compete with Millionaires.

Is that solely SGG’s fault? No. Joint responsibilities have to be taken but sadly people rarely ever accept their fault in a situation. It’s someone else’s for letting them do it. I get that addictions are real so I’m not getting into that but people need to accept the issue and get help. A game with a gamble mechanic is dangerous if you allow it to be. No different from a casino. People go on about “regulations” but I’ve seen people lose life savings in Casinos. Didn’t seem like regulations were helping them to me.

But I’m not going to change your mind and you won’t change mine. I’ve been able to enjoy this game without putting myself into financial difficulties. If someone chooses to spend thousands that’s on them. They made the decision to do it. As long as they don’t regret their actions all power to them.

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Fsir would be multplie ways to.get heroes without just cause for one. I have several different ways to either rplan to summon or wait till a layer date and KNOW not hope I will.recieve said hero. If players had a way to grind for a hero even it would be more for because upon completion u now have said hero. Dont get me started on you now have hero and have absolutely no way but for a few events to.garuntee the 4 star mat u need to be able to use said hero and then u gotta farm the emblems and then u need to farm troops of these heroes and all have the same non control and it needs to be stopped. You are blind in your statements because the whole issue is thats how it’s been and now the community has declined drastically because nothing has changed. U have these players leave and co.back only because in the new games they are literslly.no kne and here they can wave there imaginary epeens

Adding weekly quest for said items easy to implement even the making the hero academy to allow u to.choose a hero.also.easy to implement. I agree that fault last on both sides so one side needs to ■■■■■ stand up.and say enough is enough and anytime anyone starts anything g you accuse them of being greedy or whiny when In truth we just want it to feel like a game again. This mess we have now is NOT FUN IN ANY WAY.


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