⚔ [10th Jan, 2021] - 90th Raid Tournament - 4* Bloody Battle, No Ice/Blue

But that’s why Wilbur should not be paired with snipers, in offence or defence. On his own, he can’t do much if not paired with the right team. My defence with Wilbur as a tank is constantly challenged by attackers with defence teams avove 3900 (don’t know about their attacking strategy though) and has about 60% success rate after 40+ attacks. I think it’s great. Especially because I know it could be even better if I had few other heros that could work well with Wilbur as a tank.

Wilbur works best with AoE heroes. Then their hit all hits all 5x. Wilbur and snipers works best at the end when there are only a couple opponents left. But Wilbur and snipers struggle to get to the end. I use Wilbur with Azlar and/or Colen.

I cannot recall seeing Wilbur as tank, he is usually flank or wing.

The issue here is that most 4* AoE heroes are slow (Skittle, Colen, Little John, Hu Tao, the 2 ninjas if they wait for 3x charge). By the time they can fire on flank or wing the attacker should have things under control unless a terrible board happened in which case it doesn’t really matter.
Average AoE heroes don’t hit that hard (Li Xiu or Buddy, who should not be paired with Wilbur anyway).

Well, the whole point is to be able to punish enough mediocre or bad board… There’s no such defence that good board cannot win. However, with Wilbur as a tank, Sumle on the flank and c Tiburtus somewhere, one unlucky cascade is enough to wipe out the whole attacking team. Still think it’s awesome setup. :slight_smile: Much better than some other options I’ve seen so far, like Gormek tank.

My defense is Ametrine+20, Buddy+19, Sumle+19, Li Xiu+19, c-Caedmon+18. Currently they have a 11-2 record, straight A for all days.


It doesn’t prove Wilbur is a bad tank option. :slight_smile:
Been attacked 43 times, huge sample size, currently 60%. It can’t be just because of bad boards. :slight_smile:
On top of that, I don’t think I have a perfect team for Wilbur tank. Would love to have highly emblemed Li Xiu to add to mix instead of Mist.

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Finally a clean 5-0 day and 14-6 overall. Switched between a 3P-2Y lineup vs red stacks and a mono Green against the rest

Defense has regressed a bit to C (6-7) but just a win will put it back to B

Good luck on the last day everyone


Doing quite well this week. 3 /20 attacks lost , 3 won defenses - A and 1%.

Yep loving lack of healers and my offense team - using only one from the start


Day 4: 4-1 again. Lost the last attack against a skittleskull tank… Not enough reds and purples to charge untill too late.

Defense still at C 8W/11L


2:2 today, overall 15:4, my def lost another match up today, so with an D def I won’t continue the tourney

Sadly nearly all tiles were green and yellow, had 5 reds on the board but I could only make one match, and in my 3R 2P stack those 3 tiles didn’t kill skittle, and that meant game over

Gg all, GL for you guys for the last day, see you next time :slight_smile:


Day 3 & 4 - It has not gone well attack-wise these last two days as I hoped! I went 3-2 attacking and 2-0 defending on Day 3. I went 2-3 attacking and 3-0 defending on Day 4. Overall, I’m 13-7 attacking and 8-8 defending (B-rated defense). All in all, it came done to the boards. I typically ran either a 4-1 attacking team or a 3-2 attacking team. There were time it played out perfectly! There were other times I couldn’t get a Red tile to save my life! Oh well! I hope to finish strong and get into the Top 5%. Not likely if my defense takes anymore loses or I don’t get a clean sweep attacking on the last day. Good luck all! :wink:


No buy in this week, 4-1 today (almost a win in that loss) for overall score 22-3. It was exciting, both tactically and technically, can say I enjoyed very much in this tourney. Now, let’s wait for the loot. :slight_smile:
Good luck all, may the RNG be woth you today!


Very well stated! If it’s happening, it needs to be brought to devs attention. Best way to do that is to grab a screenshot of it.

From what I’ve seen outta you over the last 4-5 weeks, maybe you should come to expect your success… :joy:
You’ve been shredding it lately!

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16W 8L
Stopped at 24


Simply put- I need to better my 4s if I plan to be competitive. I have good 4s Emblemed ( mist, ©Rigard almur and other healer/nitchy types) I need to get some BEEFCAKES Emblemed up


Maybe you’re right… My 4* army did go strong in last couple of months, so I should expect to perform well in this competition. It is still the backbone of my game play, just recently moved to embleming my 5* heros. Guess I chose a different path. Have a look, updated this yesterday and I must admit it’s pretty impressive. :joy::muscle:

Edit: Proteus is finally coming to my team as well, pulled him in last Atlantis. :slight_smile:


Day 5

Wohoo…made it. :partying_face: Expected to be out again but made a clean 5 - 0. Went mostly red-yellow today.
The last fight was thrilling…Cyprian tank…3 yellow tiles on the starting board.

I used Gormek+10 and Colen+1 on all attacks this week. Even slow his burn damage is just important.
Ametrine had her tourney debut. My yellows (Mist & Chao) are faster than my purples (Tiburtus, Proteus, Ametrine…Cheshire cat occasionally)…this worked somehow better.


Defense went up before scoring and holding now.

5:5 A A B B B

#Rank 6900 as of now…I even have a reasonable chance for top 1%. Didn’t expect this. :sunglasses:


Finished strong with 10 straight wins. Went mono Green all 5 matches today

Defense is just C so probably won’t hang on to top 1% but I’m OK with that after a 9-6 start

Good luck with the loot everyone!


Finished today with 4-1. Lost the last match against a wilbur tank with 4 greens, and way to few reds or purples

Defense remains at C, so top5. If I had won the last match, I might have had a shot at top1. But happy with top5.


Here’s my results. and I missed 1 flag. Not sure what day i missed, but oh well. Defense so far went 16-7. not bad at all


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