10k in bonus storage


After just realizing that storage only counts what is in storage buildings and not farms, mines or watchtower, I looked at my numbers and found both my iron and food storage is listed as 10k higher than the storage buildings add up to.


Does your stronghold also count like it does for the recruits?


Yes it does. I should have 48 per houses, but have 78 (never bought more).

I am theorizing that maybe you start the game with 10k storage in each food and iron and 30 recruits,


I misunderstood your question, I thought you were referring to houses, not stronghold. I see nothing in the stronghold to show that it holds 10k in either resource or 30 recruits, but it would make sense if it did to account for the beginning of the game.


No, you got my point even though I didn’t do a good job of wording it right. LOL

I think the Stronghold does have some storage in it. But I never put it to the test to be honest. :relaxed:


There was a player that asked that question of the devs, with regards to houses and storage of recruits. Their reply was that the first 30 recruits were housed on the stronghold. I also recently started a mini account, and did notice that I started with a small amount of storage for each.


Yes the storage is sligthly bigger than the sum of storage buildings. I believe it is a starting capacity in stronghold that doesn’t grow.

The watchtower storage numbers don’t affect how much resources you can keep in your common storage, it is only the number the watchtower can keep, before it maxes out. Upgrading the watchtower to level 16 shows storage capacity 63300+4400 but doing the upgrade does not increase your total storage.

I have 5 level 18 iron storages 392k each, 5x392k is 1960k and my iron bar shows maximum capacity of 1970k. The 63300 from watchtower is not there but the same 10k you mentioned.