100k 10* Titan hit

Uclapack on Crystal Palace hitting a 10* Gorgon Titan for 100k. Was one heck of a hit by her. Well done.


well done!!
20 characters

Holy smokes!!! Fantastic!!! :bowing_man:

Used more tornados than what I really wanted to but they really turned that board around. If only those greens at the end were red :slight_smile:

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I’m very cheap when it comes to battle items so this was hard to watch

Nice hit though

What else you going to use them on?


I don’t spend 4 tornadoes and 4 time stops in one go though

3 tornadoes and 2 time stops don’t be dramatic lol. Seeing that 100k, priceless :wink: Really the only place to use them is titans and events

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