+1000 Kill shots - is it a record?

LOL, right? It surprised us too.


My home alliance chains 14* titans and I’ll still choose to merc when our titan is defeated quickly (happens all the time), or when my titan flags will regen whilst I’m sleeping. The iron / food returns for minimal effort is worth it and typically when I’m mercing, there are a ton of other players doing the same thing.

I’m just sorry the benefits of mercing weren’t well known when I first started playing.

Back on topic. An awesome achievement @JekylandHyde :partying_face::confetti_ball::tada:.


It upset the biggest whales i guess. That is the only way to make SG respond quickly.

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That is the only thing preventing me from mercing. I don’t want my 1000+ days turn back to 0.

I don’t really need anything from mercing anyways… My base is already maxed and researches are all done so I have enough food, iron, and materials. But aren’t you still in building phase so you often end up short on food/iron @Shunt? Mercing can actually help you.

Tbh we never skip any 14* titan as its easy kill in time without much efforts unless none of them hit titan :grin:

I’m actually building the last building on my base, the final farm is building advanced 9 right now so I totally finished my base in 18 months.

I’m now more in the too much iron camp and really my bottleneck is recruits which isn’t solved by mercing.

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Here’s mine:

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Game on … I just checked my current after seeing your post. haha


Troops and weapons will always be a steady need for me. Mercing has greatly help me get close to maxing my 3rd rainbow set of rainbow mana troops.

Your stats are just unbelievably amazing. I could never hold a candle to you haha

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From ETT? How many you get each months without buying?

Do you also buy troops with gems or money?

I don’t know why but I am actually one of the few in my alliance who never merc but my troops are far above those who do merc. In 33 months (F2P), my 4* troops are around 30+17+5 for each colors.

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Hard to quantify “buying” troops as I do tons of farming in which I flask … and get tons of troops that way. I have literally 10s of thousands of feeder troops.

Food for troops and mana is an unlimited need. … emblems … hero feeding … food is endlessly needed.


I forget that you seems to be the highest level player :sweat_smile:

I don’t farm that much, only using the available energy and free flask so I don’t have thousands of feeder troops… My feeder troop is all used so I don’t need more food from mercing.