1000 Alkashards, emblems reward

Slots 3 and 4 of 1000alkashard-reward maybe should become more than just 30 emblems…
Other reward materials worth more than 300gems eg at slots 1 and 2 (the 3* ascension with a chance for 4* ascension material) or at slots 5 and 6 (the 5x battle items that are mostly 5*). Knowing the fact that at shop, with 300 gems you can buy 30+30=60 emblems, someone should expect for 1000alkashards a reward packet of 60emblems. What do you think?

General idea is Alchemy lab is garbage… you build from there…

Funny, whenever I combine Alkashards I get offered 50 emblems. Next time I’ll check and see if they lowered it to 30, cause if so then they are cheaping out.

No man, gives great stuff and the 1000 alka-bonus sometimes even passes 4* ascension material! (10% chance at slot1, got 2 of these allready!)

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