100 monsters chest new low!

Just got this in a chest for 100 monster defeats. Why even bother anymore?! Anyone had worse?



I’ve noticed a drastic reduction in loot from all chests and Mystic Vision (except for, maybe, once or twice a week) since the last update.

I thought mine were bad, hate to say it, yours is much worse!


“Food, iron and 1 gem” is the minimum possible. I got the same a few times, others too. But it’s very rare.


Worse chest ever!
Hope u get a damascus blade next chest :scream:

I’ve noticed as vast increase in ascension items from normal and raid chests. Some stink but not 4/5. I think 1/5 since update has 3* or better. I’ll have to keep tabs, but I know it’s the ebb and flow of RNG

I got a royal tabbard out of a hero chest last week and yesterday I got a pair of fine gloves in a monster chest. Before that it was about 2months before I saw anything other than basic food, iron and, other bits and pieces. It’s pure RNG haha. Ride the highs and just don’t take things so seriously when you’re on a bad streak.

I haven’t had anything decent for awhile only from elemental chest becoming quite frustrating.

Got trap tools from a diamond raid chest earlier today.

Twas pleased

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I got a farsight telescope this week from a monster chest :thinking:

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:roll_eyes: what’s worse is I’ve gotten this reward for Titan chest. It’s the longest one to complete and it should at least offer up ascension materials or fragments of ascension materials just like how they have 100 Atlantis coins = 1 summon. But after 5 days of Titan killing the loot for it is a complete let down.

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What is your player level?

@Maaeetz if you mean me, 34.

I meant the OP because ham & iron is super low

i think you aren’t lucky :grin:

I just got nearly something like that from Titan Chest filled with 7-8* Titans. Food, Iron, 3 gems, Gray Token, Potion Leaves and Sword. Pathetic crap.

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Currently at level 23.

To add insult to injury, I just got this from a hero chest after defeating 100 heroes in raids.

I was wondering if it were something I was doing in battles or something, but then I get this from a heroes/raid one?! I think I’m just gonna give up, not worth my time for such pathetic rewards.

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Silver suxx. You need at least platinum to have reasonable hope for ascension mats. And even there the probabilities are pretty low. But if you expect regularly good stuff from monster chests and low raid chest you will get frustrated day by day. Don’t expect anything. Take it as it comes. And be happy whenever you get something

Edit: If you don’t enjoy playing the game and only do it for rewards - better quit now

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Most of us only have to kill 40 Heroes

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I got one gem and a super antidote today so rng, yep