100 Monster boxes kill and nothing 12h too next

Hi all i have done Monster boxes 90/100 i play in the map 1 season 7/4. There is 14 Monster So i finish quest to kill 100 Monster but i dont See nothing where i finish the battle. Only i se next boxes coming in 12h.someones have this problem?
Where is bonus when finish quest

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Are you talking about the chest? The monster chest and raid and Titan? Monster (100) comes every 12 hours. Raid (40) heros every 12 hours. Titan (5) when done comes right away. You can spend gems to speed them up.
Not sure if that is what you are talking about

Yes i talk a out chest i kill 100 Monster and nothing i dont got suprise for finish chest.

There usually isn’t a whole lot in the chests. Food, iron, a couple gems (if you’re lucky… I’ve gotten 1 before) and maybe a silver token. Sometimes it will have a trainer hero, ingredients or farmable ascension items. On VERY RARE occasions it has an unfarmable item and a few emblems. Because rewards can be so low maybe that chest you clicked through it so fast you didn’t notice and it didn’t have anything noteworthy to show in your inventory. Have you had problems not receiving rewards from your monster chests since that time?

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