100 Legendary Heroes – I’m curious how many unique heroes anyone has?

By my calcuations, the release of the Season 3 heroes today brings the total number of 5* heroes to 100.

Season 1 - 20
Season 2 - 10
Season 3 - 6
Events - 25
Seasonal - 6
HOTM - 33

I’m curious how many unique heroes anyone has?

I’ve got 20 from about 21 month play and £50 investment.

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I’ve got 60 playing for 20 months as a p2p player.


I’ve got 3 from 6 months play. 1 HOTM, 1 costume draw and one elemental draw. They all came from single pulls when I’d saved up enough, with just the odd little 0.99 or 1.99 offer speeding things up a bit.

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From 14-15 months of play, I have 18 total (3 are HotM, 1 is S2). A few are not very high priority to level (Kadilen, Mok-Arr, Obakan, second Marjana), though realistically I will do them sooner or later…

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F2P, 2 years and a month of playing. I have total of 17 5* heroes. No duplicates were kept.
15 from S1, all from TC20
2 HoTM


I´ve got 21 5* heroes so far, being C2P:

S1 - 14 heroes (13 uniques, dupe Thorne)
S2 - zero :frowning:
Events - 2 heroes (Morgan and Kong)
HoTM - 5 heroes (Ares, Ranvir, Grazul, Miki, JF) :slight_smile:

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I’ve got 40 unique 5 stars in 2 years. Mostly less desirable ones. Still missing 4 TC 20 heroes out of that. Only have 2 S2 heroes, 6 event heroes and 14 HOTMs.

44 unique legends

13 HotM
11 TC20
11 Event
7 S2
2 Seasonal

C2P (only ever paid for VIP once and a 2.99 EUR/200 gem deal), been playing 15 months.

16 5*s, never pulled any dupes.


7 from TC20: Isarnia, Sartana, Kadilen, Leonidas, Marjana, Joon, Richard
1 from an Epic Hero token: Domitia
3 HOTMs as bonus summons when they were first released: Aegir, Seshat, Margaret
1 S2 hero featured during Atlantis portal: Inari
2 returning HOTMs featured during Atlantis: Aeron, Greg
2 Seasonal Heroes: Lepus, Rana

Two years in, VC2P (total spent around $34 CAD)

21 unique 5*

18 S1
1 S2

11 maxed, 3 more on 4th ascension

Don’t know my $$ bill but it’s a fair bit…

In total I have collected 54/100 (+5 costumes):
Season 1 - 19x
(Isarnia, Magni, Thorne, Richard, Joon, Leonidas, Justice, Domitia, Sartana, Obakan, Quintus, Marjana, Khagan, Azlar, Elena, Elkanen, Kadilen, Lianna, Horghall) - Missing Vivica

Season 2 - 3x
(Atomos, Ariel, Inari)

Monthly Challenge Events - 10x
(Alice, Jabberwock, Black Knight, Morgan Le Fay, King Arthur, Lady Locke, Sargasso, Guardian Panther, Guardian Owl, Red Hood)

HotM - 19x
(Jean-Francois, Vela, Grimble, Neith, Kingston, Grazul, Miki, Seshat, Margaret, Anzogh, Frida, Kunchen, Onatel, Evelyn, Zimkitha, Aegir, Khiona, Drake Fong, Gravemaker) - note got GM via Atlantis Portal

Seasonal Events - 3x
(Yunan, Rana & Victor)

Season 3 - 0x

Costumes - 5x
(Elena, Lianna, Horghall, Quintus, Richard)


elena, khagan, azlar
king arthur, vela, isarnia, magni, thorne
elkanen, kadilen, morgan le fay, telluria, heimdall
quintus, aeron, domitia, sartana, obakan, kageburado, mok-arr

So 19(21) in total:

13 S1
2 challenge event
2 S2
2(3) HoTM (one from returning atlantis)
1 S3

13 months of playing. $200 CAD ish? Didn’t really count.

For the record, Kage, Mok-Arr, Morgan and Arthur were all from free pulls. So if I didn’t spend any money, I would only be short of 2 special 5 stars, one of which (Aeron) is pretty subpar t anyway.

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29 unique. 14 duplicates. 15 months.


I’ve been playing for ~19 months. Was f2p the first month, moved to p2p shortly after for the next ten months or so, and am now c2p. I found that it wasn’t really worth being p2p after awhile, cuz even when I would get lucky enough to pull a 5* (usually after 100+ pulls), 9/10 it was just another dupe - so the return for $$ spent just wasn’t worth it [anymore] to me. & Since then, I’ve been semi-checked out of the game and the forum, as getting new heroes to test/play with was honestly my favorite thing about this game - but that’s not what this thread is about so I’ll move on :sweat_smile:

Unique 5*:

S1 (16): Azlar, Elena, Khagan, Isarnia, Magni, Thorne, Elkanen, Kadilen, Lianna, Horghall, Joon, Justice, Sartana, Obakan, Quintus and Domitia

S2 (8): Tarlak, Misandra, Mok-Arr, Inari, Mitsuko, Atomos, Ariel and Ursena

S3 (0)

Seasonal (2): Mother North & Master Lepus

Event (7): Guinevere, Lady Locke, Queen of Hearts, The Hatter, Red Hood, Boss Wolf and Guardian Panther

Past HOTM (8): Hel, Athena, Ares, Alberich, Musashi, Thoth-Amun, Natalya and Zeline

HOTM (17): Drake Fong, Khiona, Aegir, Zimkitha, Evelyn, Onatel, Kunchen, Frida, Anzogh, Margaret, Ranvir, Seshat, Grazul, Kingston, Neith, Vela and Jean-François


67 unique 5* heroes as a p2p in almost 3y of playing

49 total maxed (47 unique maxed)

Oh boiii, I’m nervous to try this :sweat_smile: but let’s see…

27 unique, 42 with duplicates, 4 maxed, was f2play bar a few deals purchases in the first year and a bit of play, but have since gone full p2p now…

Y-yays? :joy:

(I have like 5 each of Grimble and JF, and now a few dupes of 5s S3 heroes now… dang!)

Origin Number Heroes
S3 1 Sif
S2 4 Ursena, Mitsuko, Misandra, Mok-Arr
S1 15 Vivica, Lianna, Richard, Sartana, Quintus, Leonidas, Thorne, Kadilen, Azlar, Khagan, Obakan, Justice, Horghall, Elena, Joon
Events 4 Guardian Owl, Black Knight, Lady of the Lake, Queen of Hearts
Seasonal 1 Mother North
HotM 10 Drake Fong §, Anzogh, Vela (2), Jean-Francois, Grimble, Neith, Ranvir, Margaret, Grazul, Ares (2) §
Total 35 Unique 5* heroes

P - past HotM from Atlantis portal


That’s a very nice collection.

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Can anybody tell me what p2p is? Pay to play? (What is that in E&P?) Using gems to buy WE?

I know of:


Or maybe it only concerns Path of Valor now.

I’ve always been confused by the “p2w”. It’s never been made clear to me how exactly you win.


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