10 things SGG did wrong and 10 things they did right

WRONG: issues and gaffes
10) “Kasshrek” and “Mangi” - misspelling the names of their own heroes in the news section of the forum on TWO separate occasions
9) Thank you for buffing Gretel! = Thank you for reporting the bug!
Someone created a thread to thank the devs for buffing Gretel. However, it turned out this was not intended and Petri had to akwardly thank them for informing them about the bug :smile::

8) Not making recruitment easier: it is currently a nightmare
7) Very little to no communication from SGG on the forum (and not paying the moderators who are doing a great job)
6) Putting frequently suggested improvements behind a paywall - loot tickets and costumes
5) Removing atlantis coins from chests and nerfing loot tickets
4) “Betagate” - beta testers were able to see what their next board in the real game would be which created an unfair advantage for those who knew about this
3) Tavern of Legends portal = make 100+ pulls and get nothing
2) Alchemy Lab and Hero Academy - a building no one uses and a building we have been waiting for almost 2 years (and once it is here, we will need 3+ months until we are able to use its ONLY useful level)

  1. Hero balance: adding more and more 5* heroes with very low odds, creating broken heroes (first Guin, then Telluria+Vela) and not buffing the heroes in need of a buff

10) Stronghold design during seasonal events - eggs, beach balls, pumpkins, snowmen
9) In October 2017 they added three more S1 5* heroes (Domitia, Khagan and Obakan) so that there are 4 of each colour (given that there are S1 heroes in every portal, is it time for more S1 heroes?)
8) Rare titans: getting emblems and a (very low) chance for an extra 4* mat
7) Compensation when they do something wrong - extra generated rare quest, flasks, tokens, emblems
6) Creating new content - there is something to do every week
5) 2 free pulls when completing the costume chamber quest
4) Buffed some S1 heroes who needed a buff
3) Created Atlantis Rises: the best farming place
2) Challenge events changes in 2019 - they added challenge event coins and expanded brackets (though maybe it is time for another change this year)

  1. Created the game - yes, there are a lot of issues going on in this game. But if we care so much about it, the Devs have done something right, haven’t they?

Some newish things I like

  • recruits from raids
  • activity log
  • new heroes and levels in challenge and seasonal events
  • costume art and abilities
  • PoV mostly

Less than great

  • loads of stale standard quests
  • PoV requiring S2 and rare battle items at awkward times
  • Costumes behind a paywall
  • build times equivalent to REAL BUILDING

I think the raid tournaments have been a fun addition… allows the use of otherwise obsolete heroes… wish the matching was a little better, along with the loot. :woman_shrugging:

… but I continue to olay them. :slight_smile:


tenor (2)





  1. Atlantis Rises is a great feature: it’s been met with near universal acclaim and finally gives a place to use flasks for those of us who don’t compete in events.
  2. Raid Tournaments: sure there are issues with matchmaking and the loot debacle, but the bottom line is it’s a good new feature, the extra raid flags help fill chests, and the loot tiers are done by percentages (unlike the events, where the loot tiers are asinine).
  3. Titans: I’m not in an alliance where this matters, but I know 13 and 14 star titans were agitated for and it made sense to get them back out there.
  4. Costume Chamber: I think it’s given new life to the S1 heroes, and they fixed the biggest flaw of getting a costume with no underlying hero.
  5. Mystic Vision: while I think 7 hours would be vastly superior, the tweaked cooldown timer is an improvement.
  6. Recent rebalancing: no one thinks it was perfect, but overall many of the changes were good. More importantly, regardless of what anyone thinks of the actual Telluria and Vela results, the process (multiple iterations, different combinations, some deliberately designed to be too much) was VERY good.
  7. Season 3: generally, the new heroes, effects, art, stages, etc. have been pretty good.
  8. Path of Valor: it’s properly rewarded daily play and, more generally, the calendar is now replete with content.
  9. Attempts: setting aside how successful each component was, I think that SGG has made many attempts to add new game elements and features (AR, Share the Gems, Tournaments, Costumes, a green tank, AL, PoV, Legends, etc.) and should be commended for much of that. Not everything was a success, but it’s important to think about the process and not always be results oriented. I hope SGG is learning from these game aspects, how they’re implemented, and how they’re received.
  10. Thick skin: I am as vocally critical of SGG as most posters, and while I somewhat doubt it hurts their feelings or anything, it can’t be the most fun to just get flayed in the forums.


  1. Communication: I’ve harangued SGG about it in multiple places. There are many game aspects they should address, including the departure of long time players.
  2. Alchemy Lab: the initial design has been a complete flop and widely panned. SGG has complicated this problem by being slow to redress it.
  3. Hero Academy: similarly, this looks pretty lukewarn (at best) and has been inexplicably slow in coming. It cost us MysterySpin.
  4. Additional alliance content: this has also long been promised and has never materialized. There has not even been a hint about it.
  5. Quests: Most of the quests are hilariously outdated and an incredibly poor exchange of World Energy for rewards. An update is badly needed here.
  6. Portals: I continue to be baffled by the stubborn adherence to the S1 heroes in every portal, most recently S3 and ToL. It just seems out of touch with the current game state and borderline deliberately aggravating.
  7. Four star AM availability: with the release of emblems, five star heroes at 3.70 have taken a serious hit. Loosening the reins on the four star ascension material drops would have been a good way to keep up with the power creep in the game (I mean here that +x heroes are more powerful, irregardless of whether recent HOTM and S3 heroes are better). SGG’s failure to do this displays a lack of understanding about the game state.
  8. Raid Index: many players were interested in this and have clamored for an update. SGG has never given one, nor even communicated about it. I imagine they must have this data at their fingertips, so the failure here is that they could do very little and make us very happy. That’s a great value proposition, but SGG whiffs completely.
  9. Hero balance: I do NOT mean this in terms of OP and UP heroes. What I mean is that Holy heroes are still largely neglected (though admit that Mist and Lady Woolerton have helped). Where are the costumes for Chao, Hu Tao, Wu Kong, and even Gan Ju? They really need help. Similarly, with the rash of five star heroes we’ve seen comparatively little increase in the pool of four (and three) star heroes. Yet these heroes are vital in many aspects of the game.
  10. Hunter’s Lodge: overall, while it was a good idea, I think this has been a failure. Harpoons are useful, but titan parts and most items in the Lodge are not (rather, they are too resource intensive in a game where there are many other, better value options).


  1. Gill-Ra

Spot on in all respects!

Nothing a little Olay couldn’t fix :wink:


I was thinking of giving out one of my worthless rewards for this superb summary


@Steve9999 jumped in and totally stole the scene with this seemingly low-value yet hilarious cross reference that continues to mercilessly tease @Math4lyfe’s errant spelling.

You both deserve a reward and so I’m increasing the odds of you pulling the tavern secret hero by a factor of 0.9. congratulations


Adding to the lists above:

Good: the design of the advanced buildings (as compared to the preview)

Bad: not including country pins in the store everyday, so players don’t need to wait months (or never)


Costumes - Particularly the stat bonuses, especially the mana bonus which makes it much easier to speed up heroes with lower level troops

Tavern of legends - I like the way the event is set up to strategize roster use.

POV - Always like a chance to get more 4* AM. If you spend any money on the game the value from the coins and mats make it worth it.

Costumes - I preferred the original way with higher odds to get 5* costumes without the hero. The complaints that the costume did not come with the hero lead to a change hurts you in the long run for instant gratification. Over time it would be easier with limited pulls to get the costume and then get the hero from TC20 then it is pulling a 5* costume under current odds.

Tavern of Legends- I’m not going to get into the odds, but as far as game play is concerned it seemed pretty easy for a lot of the people I talked to. It would benefit from having a hard mode like seasonal events.

Alchemy Lab - in the current form is not very usuable


0.1 x 0.9 = 0.09. So you have nerfed our chances! Is that right? Gee thanks. This is more @Math4lyfe specialist subject though.

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Totally agree and I bow to his superior skill. Gill-Ra will need a looooot of Olay, though.


Agree with much of the above.

I will add:

GOOD - introducing new mechanics (e.g. special stages in Atlantis, special stages/realm bonuses and runic rocks in Valhalla, the exploding tiles in Spring and Halloween events, the frozen tiles in Christmas event, and the planned new mechanics for Summer)

BAD - I wish we could save up more raid flags. it takes a minimum of 8 to open a raid chest; but we can only save up 6 at a time. I wonder if having more raid flags would reduce the incentive to cup drop? If I could save 12 raid flags every time a chest activated, I would probably be able to open them at once. Ah, but then, players would also have less incentive to spend on raid energy refills…


Should I even edit it at this point? :woman_facepalming: Oof.


I waited so long for my yellow heart. Luckily I had players watching out for me. Lol. Both in my alliance and here on the forum!


And skittleskull. Truly a face only a mother could love.

… caught it.


You’re welcome. People do seem to be generally disappointed with my rewards :thinking:


Is this becoming intentional now?


It’s fixed!! I hate proof reading. :woman_shrugging:



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