10 things SG should do to keep players happy

Am Uncrowned King from Death Parade

Here is what I think, what do you think?

  1. Combining similar Storage buildings to create more space on base.
  2. Make auto play run at X2 the speed.
  3. This one is a bit complex to explain here, so I will skip it.
  4. Atlantis quest to collect S02 coins, the same way we get gems in the quest challenges we need one more for Atlantis, currently nonpaying players can’t summon S02 Heros.
  5. During war, allow alliance members to watch on going battles.
  6. Increasing chances of ledgendy summons, bad idea, SG knows this, SG is making more and more event with there own tokkens, this is fine, no need to increase chances.
  7. Increasing the number of invites players benefit from and adding on day on the VIP pass from 10 to 15 days for the first 3 invites
  8. Sharing gems/emblems/accessionmaterials between players in the same alliance
  9. Top 3 Titian attacker gets Titian flag refill after titian defeat
  10. Most active players in the alliance get a weekly energy flask
More ideas coming,

Number 8 would be ridiculous. There would be Alliance hopping like we’ve never seen before.


I guess so but, at the end of the day it will be up to the players to trade right? So I think the balance of the game will remain intact


I have another idea, for a reward: 24 hours of unlimited loot tickets. This will make a lot of us happy! :smiley:


i add some:

  • Limited reruns in challenge events to give none paying but smart players a chance too to appear on scoreboard. Maybe 5 to 10 per stage or 50 to 100 for each difficulty. Buying hundreds of refills to skip 95 % of starting boards isnt very heroic imo, nothing to do with skill.
  • Inner alliance trading can be connected to being 100 days in same alliance for example
  • more avatars, more possiblities to get a unique one. Maybe possibilty to upload a personal avatar, if SG still needs a few bucks then charge us for that of course :rofl:
  • Leader should be allowed to choose who is in war or not.
  • hard to obtain “elemental change coins”. For example i wanna change nature Hansel to Fire Hansel (to kick all those tellurias … :smile:), 3 for 3stars to change, 4 for 4, 5 for 5stars. Obtaining could be connected to some difficult tasks of course, not to money.
  • new event, material event: boards have root or wood tiles for example, if you connect them you get them, there would be dozens of possibilties for that, not generally an event, can be special stages too.

There is one more, let us shoot down that crap goblin balloon, wanna see it explode, such a crap :smile:


Yeah, but then reward for what deed

No, no, no! :scream: I just found a “cheat” to level up fast. By running the third stage of rare, you get 975 XP per each flag. On auto, this takes ~ 1 minute to complete and ~ 58000 XP / hour.


easy to resolve, starting with the 11th rerun for example it doesnt count for event score anymore. :slightly_smiling_face:

This opens up exploit potential like nothing before seen.
You can easily make several accounts via Android emulator and siphon everything you get for free to one account.

It also offers a gateway to RMT being a thing.

There’s a reason why trading will never get implemented here, SGG don’t want to deal with the potential fallout.


I hate the goblin thing too, and I love your idea for the in-house materials exchange rule. Lovely. Very genius

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This seems pretty good, but I’d swap that to a titan flask. Otherwise, on fast kills, these flags will be wasted.


Never thought of it that way, thanks for your input

Thank you ever so much for the feedback

I do the same thing, it’s genius

True, very true, so it can be part of the loot

Genius, you should be a game creater

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Well they all get my vote with the exception of 3 out of 10.
Don’t agree to number 8
Can’t agree to number 3 (?)
Don’t agree to number 10
But it’s a good start

lower the price to summon heroes, so many mobile phones not being cracked…

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Thank you ever so much for the feedback

I saw a video of that, someone broke their phone

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