10% Return when using upgraded heroes as food

I’ve been playing for nearly a year, and one of the major issues I’ve had is the “Return on investment” when using old heroes as food for permanent heroes or more valuable heroes. For example, if you upgrade a 3* hero and use 60,000 xp to max him, you can later use that hero as food for a measily 6,000 Xp. It’s a horrible loss of resources, but sometimes it is just necessary. Particularly for newer players who are slumming it with weaker heroes and waiting to pull better ones…but also if you end up upgrading a 3* and he only ends up getting his special to 3/8. I don’t want to keep a maxed 3* that has a 3/8 special…he’s can barely compete in the beginner event effectively. And I am not going to continue to feed a maxed hero just to get the chance of bumping up his special. It’s just all very wasteful.

So, I just wanted to vet the idea with the community to see if 10% could be bumped to 25%-50%. 25% i understand that it shouldn’t be 100%, but some retention of work and XP should be valued.

In my understanding fully ascended hero must be equivalent to a training hero of the same color and number of stars. In the worst case it can be 10%-20% less efficient, because of its lack of pedagogical talents. :wink:

It’s actually worth keeping a good set of 3* heroes for the monthly events. The beginner level is restricted to 3* heroes and 2* troops.

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You are right. Fully ascended 3* can also be used in Alliance Wars. But it might be the case that you have plenty of ascended 3* heroes and finally got a new 4* or 5*. It means that at least one 3* becomes redundant. Also, when you start playing you might have ascended 2* that you are replacing with 3* and higher. Anyway there are situations when you need to feed an ascended hero to its successor. And it will be nice to get some better return from your previously invested resources.

Hero slots are cheap. I have yet to use any hero that I’ve ascended even once to feed another hero.

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Its up to you of course. But I don’t think that it is the only approach to managing one’s heroes.

I agree with this.

If there is a single healer in the corner on the enemy alliance that is preventing a total enemy alliance kill, running double strong, and double neutral are a good way to clear it. Unless you have twelve 5* heroes of each color, you can always use elemental type against a defender even if it is just a 3* or a 2* ( Layla you are a beast at war, well until I level all my Balthazaars and Tyrums ).

I will admit to only keeping two of my fully ascended 8/8 1* heroes. More for sentimental reasons than I actually use them.