10-Pull Token

The odds of receiving an Epic Hero Token in this game is already ridiculously low for what you are getting. You wait so long to receive one token just to do a summon with terrible odds to get anything good anyways. How many times have y’all done a 10-pull and still gotten complete trash? For me, plenty of times.

What keeps players playing is making the game exciting and fun to play. Summoning heroes i don’t have is what excites me.

Is increasing the drop rates for an Epic Hero Token really going to break the game? No way in hell.

What if:

  • Increase the drop rates for EHT

  • Introduce a new and deservedly rare item: The Ultimate Summon Token. Using the UST will allow the user to do a 10-pull

I’m not trying to break the game or make it too easy to play. I just want a little more excitement in pulls. With how many 10-pulls I have done with crappy results, I really, really doubt introducing a super rare item like this will break the game.

  • Also, I would love for a daily summon to have a super low chance (lower than normal) to pull a hotm. There is absolutely no excitement in a normal summon. I could have 100 normal summons and close my eyes since I wouldn’t care at all what the results would be. Even if there was a fraction of a chance to get a hotm, it would be a new energy and excitement to normal summons

Agree with all of this and love the super rare 10 pull token plus the chance for the HOTM on the daily summons. Seriously. It may actually get someone to drop gems for those pulls. Not me :wink: but y’know…someone may do it!


Or have the ability to meld 10x EHT into 1x of these tokens with the Alchemy Lab. :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the difference between using 10 EHTs or 1 x10 EHT?
Personally, I’d prefer to use 10 single tokens because this way I can stop pulling when I get hotm and save the rest of my tokens.


I think u mean doing one single pull or doing 1x10 pulls on summoning, cuz EHT u only use them one at a time… on regular summons u save 400 gems in a 1x10 pull, on atlantis gate u save 500 gems in a 1x10 pull, or could be 1450 gems in 1 x30 pulls, this compared from doing single pulls…

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Because collecting 10 EHT’s takes an extremely long time. If you by chance get that super lucky opportunity of getting a 10-pull Token then you can have the excitement of doing a 10 pull rather than waiting about 8 months to get 10 epic hero tokens


Since a 10-pull costs less than 10 single pulls it should be 8x EHT for 1x of these.

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I guess as a choice for convenience/time savings and/or like the OP suggests, want more “excitement” in his pulls?

Single Pulls is a measure of control for players to exercise when he/she has the resources for more pulls. Why does the game present the option to do 10x pull with Gems, time saving for players to hit once and then be presented with 10x pull in succession, as opposed to doing 10 single pulls. Same thing with the presentation of the 30x Atlantis Pulls, some players just don’t seem to have the time to sit there to hit 30 single summons. Of course, there is the obvious enticement of gem savings.

The 10x pulls and the 30x Atlantis pulls layouts are presented in a fashion that would likely present an anticipation/excitement, sort of like an emotional “high” when the heroes are showing up one after the other. Some players may believe there are “golden” times to make these summons, and they do these massive pulls, saves them time, and gives them material for their videos / live streams. Viewers also get excited when watching these (and are probably going to pay attention to these videos more than do for streamers that only do single pulls in his/her videos). Of course, if these 10x or 30x pulls ends up with all 3* or little 4*, no 5* and no HoTM, the massive emotional let down would be much higher than if this was a single pull. But the viewers also share these emotional highs or letdowns with the streamer, as if this was happening to them. Chances are, some of these viewers do not have the money / resources or hearts to do these multi-pulls, so they are viewing these with excitement/envy (when these yielded good/great results), or sense of relief (whew, thank goodness “that” awful 30x pull wasn’t me, I am glad I still have my gems/coins/tokens).

Cautious players that do single pulls are not presented with these “excitements” but what they are awarded with, are those “occasional” single 5* plus HoTM chances (hasn’t happen to me yet), and measured controls over the resources they do hold onto for future single pulls (quit while I am ahead / stop hre now, there is always next time feel).

There might not be any difference between 10 x 1 pulls or 1 x 10 pull in the end, it is all about time savings and presentation.


Sounds fun lol. An ultimate summon token would make f2p people feel as rich as whales. And who knows maybe they will start spending money in doing 10 pulls too.


A tiny number correction here, maybe…

It doesn’t take 8 months to collect 10 EHT. I spent all of mine on February trying to get Kunchen (no luck). We’re 4 months and 22 days later, and I have 24 EHT in my inventory. And I didn’t pay for any of them. And I don’t skip chests.

Just saying.

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Well you are just lucky as hell then! I would say on average I get maybe 1 or 2 a month.

Edit: @JimP sorry forgot to press the reply button haha


It took me from January until Sand Empire in June to collect 14. Six months give or take.

Weird. Very weird. I may be on a good streak, yeah… but I didn’t notice more drops than usual. Anyway, I’ll have shitty pulls. I’ll end up with 14 more Renfeld than you.

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