10 pull old 3 stars

2600 gems wasted again

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Its not wasted…you have all of them max?
For raid turns?
Edit: it could be hell much worse…

Depends where you are in the game, but I disagree, it can’t get that much worse that that.

However if you’re relatively early in the game then some of those three stars are very good. Berden and Balthazar for example are very strong. Azar is nice, Bane is nice, Nashgar strong. Just feed away renfeld and tuck, they really suck

But if you only need 4* and 5*, yep, that pull sucks



20 Characters of Staring Into the Abyss.

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I think he’s already doing OK on 3*s based on the quest clear in his log :wink:.

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Wasted 2600 gems, please help… Screenshot_20190614-031756_Empires

Why are you creating multiple threads on the same topic? Every once in a while players get bad pulls, it’s not something improbable. So I would say just use them as feeders for your 4 or 5 star heroes if you are an advanced player, or if you don’t have 3 maxed rainbow 3* teams, then you might wanna work on some of those 3 stars for rare tier of challenge events and tournaments with 3* restrictions.

@zephyr1 possible merge? :slight_smile:

10 pull old 3 stars


One thread about how much this blows is sufficient.

But yeah, terrible luck. Better luck next draw.

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


I guess you could have gotten all the same character.

…i think i made my point…

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What… 2x Proteus - that’s a great haul. Yeah no 5* but I’ve heard proteus is awesome against bosses - yep very unlucky :wink:


Nah! This has a ton of useful 4*s in it. Not even a bad pull. :grin:

You just don’t need these guys anymore.

…And that’s probably the hardest thing about this game. You get to a certain point where only specific five stars are what you want and anything else is a disappointment. And those specific fives aren’t just one in a hundred anymore, they’re ■■■■ near one in a thousand.

Besides, you prolly didn’t even have a Muggy when you pulled that little Eye-licker, did ya?


This was the first 30 pull…and then some more .it was no new heros…
My point is…yes i want a specific hero…you can get it with one pull…once again LUCK

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Two protei!!! Lucky!

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I think there are 14 four stars in that 30 pull, which is way above the odds. 2 Proteus and a bunch of other nice fours isn’t that bad

Not sure on the odds of a 5 star in a 30 but it is far from a certainty.

And that is where we get to in the game, that fours, even good ones, are no longer very meaningful. I have addressed that by drastically scaling back my pulls (now c2p) and using the occasional hero token. It ain’t so bad. It’s pretty crappy to keep doing big, expensive pulls with the belief that you deserve something , and getting very little of use


Balthazar, Nashgar and Bane… are the best of that list… keep them… they can be useful in events or tournaments specifics for 3* heroes.

4* with 20 emblems are approximately equal in power to a raw 5*.

And in the time it takes you to put 20 emblems on it, the person with a 5* can only put about 7 nodes of emblems on their 5*. So you’ve actually caught up to them. You’ve gone from 4 to 5, and they’ve gone from 5 to 5.33.

(waits for someone better at magical math to show up and explain all my maths failings…)


Agree with all that, but I am at the point where I have at least two of most of the four stars that I would want. So that means pulling them is just not that meaningful anymore

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Embleming 4* is undoubtedly the best way to expand the effectiveness of your roster fast. The relative merits of a 4+20 vs a 5+7 is an interesting debate. But I routinely use 4+12ish against 5+6ish with very good results. Your fundamental premise looks sound to me :slight_smile:


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