10-pull in Santa or wait till Atlantis?

For the first time I accumulated 2588 gems. So/now I have a question, do I do a 10-pull (2600 gems) in Seasonal/Santa, or wait a bit longer for Atlantis (3000 gems)?

I started this June, and now 190 days. Bought VIP on 50th day (sh/could’ve done on day one), and haven’t spent anything else. Just reached level 46 today, having 2 TC20 running and working on the 3rd.

Any suggestion and reason? Merry Christmas, Q

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Valhalla has stronger heroes overall so that would be my choice.


Agree season 3 or costume chamber seems like the best value for diamond

Costume chamber is the best for F2p and C2p players. If you pull a costume you can level as many of it as many copies you have of that hero.


+1 for Costume Chamber

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