10 Pull Elemental And Epic duplicating too much


I recently did a ten pull on Dark Elemental. I got 3 of one character and 4 of another and 3 different. 7 of my pulls were of the same 2 characters. I understand the chance of a character duplicating but when the duplication takes half or the majority of your character poll this seems to be issue. Is this happening across the board?


Yes, there are only so many characters of each color so you can get multiples


Yes… There Is (5) 3* characters (4) 4* & (5) 5*
Totaling counting 14 Dark Characters adding the monthly for November.
My pull this morning 3 Sabina, 4 Thrum, Balthazar, Oberon, Ricard. This Is way above the percentage of duplicating. Considering my first 4 pulls characters were Sabina Tyrum Sabina Tyrum Balthazar Tyron Renfeld Oberon Tyrum Sabina. This Is only 5 of the possible 14 total character base. This seem to me based on percentage that I should not have had more than one or two duplicates on a single pole to have three of one and four of the other means that their percentage algorithm need some tweaking.


Factor in that a 5* is less than 4% chance, 4* is less than 18% chance. You pulled 40% 4*s I’d say you did extremely well


Yes I would agree. Just don’t have a large character base yet . So looking at that way I would like to have more of a variety to choose and upgrade would have been nice.