10 Pull and 4xFrosty

Seems a bit off to get Frosty four times from a 10 pull.

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You are right. Statistics suggest you should have gotten less Frosty and more Dawa


4 frosty is better than my 4 gunnars.


Well, I used 23 Hero tokens and got:
Frosty x4, Rudolph x4, Buddy, Carver x2, Dawa x2, Gan Yu x2, Karil, Tyrum, Friar Tuck, Cyprian, Sonya, Li Xiu, Little John, and Sabrina.

So percentage-wise: Rare Classic (39.1% vs 56.8%), Epic Classic (21.7% vs 20.8%), Rare Season (34.8% vs 14.2%), Epic Season (4.3% vs 5.7%).

So, I got fewer Dawas then expected, and got more Rare Season heroes.


Yep, sounds about right. Did a 30 pull for season 3 last week, knew better, haven’t seen a 5* hero in 6 weeks, I got a raft of 3 stars, bunch of 4 stars, then 2 HOTM Glenda…

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Odds are odds. Nothing is a guarantee. There are existing threads on the forum for venting & others for requests for boosting odds. Please use the :mag: function to find them.

Summons are ridiculous

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