10 players or less? Why not merge with the Free Play Guild!

As our name suggests, most of us are FTP or CTP, but some of us have lost restraint and have been spending, including me :upside_down_face:. We have been going three years, and many of us have been here for the duration. Friendly and considerate, we are 20 strong, and looking for a small alliance, 10 PLAYERS OR LESS to merge with.

We are easy going, all we ask is that you play regularly, and hit the Titan with all your flags. War participation is optional, but please make sure you untick the war box if you don’t take part. CURRENT TITANS 8-9*. I’m sure with the right additional players, we could easily be hitting 11* or higher.

We have a Discord group for sharing stuff, screenshots etc.
What are you waiting for? Message me here, right now, and let’s look at merging our strengths.


Hi possible merge? Need 5 or disassembled…

@KWowKillya hi! Thanks for the reply. What’s the name of your alliance?

Awesome! We are [Red] Revolutionary Army.

@KWowKillya Searched for you, but you aren’t showing up. Is that the exact spelling (including capitals)

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