+10 or +100 option for training/forge

I have an idea that would speed up the process of training heroes or using the forge. Instead of the sole ‘+’ button, I’d like to see either one of the following added:
‘x’ - > allowing you to enter the specific amount you want to train/create.

It is not the most necessary thing, but it could be helpful for players like me that use the lower tier items of the forge for titans or other battles that are not so important but still to gain a boost with them.

+100 is there any way I can get good amount of gems free and can I get a Halloween caricture please, X, ->:grin:

+100 is there anyway? Mhm?

My other MMO BoH has the buttons programmed so you can press & hold, then when the number starts changing, slide you finger off the button and it keeps changing until maximum amount.

In Empires it stops changing as soon as your finger stops pressing directly over the button.

Not sure if BoH method, or your idea, would work the way Empires handles resources and storage overflow.

I would hate to lose 294 recruits because of the interface.

If you make a missclick it would be easy to get them out again with the ’ - '. This idea would only speed up the process of putting in more units at once. Any occasional missclick can be corrected.

In this method, it would add e.g. 10 or 100 potions at once, while still being able to undo them 1 by 1.


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I’m chuckling here a little. I remember in the early days of the game you had to tap each time you wanted to increase the number of training/crafting. I was so happy when I could press and hold!

There’s always room for improvement! But that’s really awful, one by one click…

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