⚔ [10 May, 2020] - 55th Raid Tournament - 4* Buff Booster, No Holy/Yellow

Followed your advice:

So far defense 3-3.
Offense: none yet, will update later.
Offense: 4-1

Lost the 4th match (98 emblems…):


4W 1L

Lost to this team as the 2 Proteus (¿Proteii?) just had their way with me…



*One of the more interesting raid tournaments in a while imho because there are in essence 3 colors that are stymied. Not only is holy obviously out of the mix, per the rules of the RT, but also whenever the excluded color is holy or dark, the opposite color is somewhat very limited on offense (dark in this case) as it’s simply just weak vs itself. Now, the 3rd color here that is somewhat limited is fire. Buff booster tourneys rely heavily on a debuffer to which in this case fire has very little to offer. Some could even make the case that ice isn’t very relevant either, but now I’m getting a little of hand here. :rofl:


Holy ishh, I got attacked 9 times today already. Won 5 out 9 on defense. In last week’s tournament, I was only attacked 10 times total for the entire tournament.

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This tournament might be the best possible use of Stonecleave in the game lol. Btw does “Dire Ghost form” count as a buff for buff booster?

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Yes it does. In fact, I had to ask that same question last night. And yes, Stonecleave has actually shined bright for me on offense. His slash attax is higher than normal, and he’s virtually untouchable. In my 1 loss he was the last one left.
There is a thread that shows all buffs/dispells/ stacks/ etc; I’m going to try to copy that link and post it for you ok @B1gHeadAss

Check out this thread courtesy of @DaveCozy. It is a real bank of status effect knowledge.
📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks

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It’s interesting that you bring Stonecleave on attack for this tournament b/c most ppl will be running a lot of purples so his tile dmg should be weak against purple. He looks good on defense but my concern is that when he goes into ghost form, the attacker can ghost tiles in that space and charge all their specials so that when stonecleave comes back into non-ghost form, the attacker can then unleash everything on him.

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At least i managed to get Sonya and Triton down.

Definitely a valid point. Luckily, I only ran I not 1 mono dark team. (My loss)… but otherwise, so far so good. If I see another mono or 4-1 even, I will not go 3-2 dark / nature again like I did .

So day one…

Not a bad day so far. 5 wins on attack, 4 from 5 wins on defence so far. Dapper Rigard is the man apparently.


Well, I hemmed and hawed about my defense, and then ended up scrapping both from my earlier preparatory post in this thread, and went with this defense instead. (Well, I did post the idea in an edit to that prior post, but didn’t actually commit to it and take the screenshot at that point.)


Grade A so far, at 7-1. :slight_smile: My attacks went 4-1 today, with a frustrating loss where despite knocking out 3 of the enemy heroes, the board simply would not come around to let me send things up the open side and it wound up being a loss.

Hopefully I can keep it together tomorrow and not get knocked out early this week like I did last week. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


No worries at all! I went back and forth based on your post and what others have said and went with Sonya, CMel, CTibs, Proteus, Caedmon.

Defense rank A so far, 1 win 0 losses

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Awesome! I’m glad some are having success with the conceptual design. I am NOT; 0-3 so far, which does surprise me. All three attackers are sporting basically +20 defenders across the board. I assume that implies fairly deep rosters and I would expect to beat my own defense with my roster quite often (totally guessing here but 70%+ feels like a reasonable guess to me), but still…like I said, surprising. Ah well, had a pretty easy 5-0 day on offense at least.


I’m pretty sure your defense rank will improve throughout the week. Your defense is pretty punishing to a bad board.

In my case, the attacker was level 38, so I imagine roster depth might have been a factor in their loss.

Glad the attacking part is going well for you so far.

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Day 2
Offense: 4-1
Defense: 1-0 (so far)

Offense: 9-1
Defense: 2-1
Score: 6,298 / Top 1%

My second battle was annoying. I had no good tiles and it had 3 healers and I didn’t even manage to kill one of them. So I got a 0 score for that unfortunately.
One match was really really easy though, a 3700 team (my team I am using is also 3700ish) and it was MONO Purple. It was the easiest one. To me a Mono Purple is the easiest, despite there being no yellow for extra damage.


I decided to just go with Rigard©-Kiril-Cyprian-Triton-Sabina. It ripostes, cleanses, heals, buffs attack & defense and boosts heals. Should be at least decently annoying for a while.

I have a default thought for 4* tourneys - riposte holds the line. It may not be the best lineup, but I can put it together quickly, and feel it will get me an okay result. I sometimes tweak, and almost went with the Boril/Cyprian double trouble, but decided against it.

End of Day 1, I was 2-2 on defense and 1-1 on offense. Didn’t need the attacks for Raid chest, and was simultaneously busy and sleep deprived, so fixed that combo.

2-0 so far today on offense, will hold the rest for next chest.


Day 1 Video (5-0)

Day 2 Video (4-1)


Defense team:

Day 1

  • Offense: 4-1 (lost a match by default because the game froze and stopped working :cry:)
  • Defense 1-0 (A)

I decided to put the most emblemed dark heroes I have, tanking with C.Rigard+6 who’s still better than BT+18 imo. I wasn’t sure whether to use Sonya or Triton on wing, but another buff and +5% to him and both Proteuses seem better to me. I do not benefit much from attack boost for specials, but I hope that Proteuses duo will be hard enough to beat. And slash attacks should be a lot stronger if anything else. Wonder how it goes, with just one attack it’s too soon to judge it tho.


My longest battle: turn 56, dmg 360% lol
Melendor costumed vs Rigard+Kiril of the opponent. It took so long.


Am I reading this correctly?

Did one tile with the damage multiplier really do 6,221 damage?


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