⚔ [10 May, 2020] - 55th Raid Tournament - 4* Buff Booster, No Holy/Yellow

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:fire: :leaves: :snowflake: :sun_with_face: :new_moon_with_face:
Elements Allowed
:superhero: :star2:
Hero Rarities Allowed
:person_fencing: :star2:
Troop Rarities Allowed
:fire: :snowflake: :leaves: :new_moon_with_face:
No Holy/Yellow
:four: :star:
or lower
:three: :star:
or lower

:dizzy: Special Rule: :question: To Be Determined

:dizzy: Special Rule: Buff Booster

Each buffs adds an attack multiplier!

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  • Do this week’s restrictions on hero/troop rarity and elements make your bench depth better or worse suited to this Raid Tournament than Regular Raids?
  • Are there heroes you’re likely to use for this Tournament that you normally don’t make use of anymore?
  • Are there heroes you plan to power level for this Tournament, or level before the next time a Tournament like this one rolls around?
  • Do Costumes affect your team selection at all?
  • What are you thinking about using for your Defense Team?
  • Are there heroes you expect to see on Enemy Defenses that you think you’ll have a harder time dealing with than usual because of the restrictions or special rule in this Tournament?
  • Which of your heroes will you be likely to use on your Attack Teams?
  • Will the restrictions or special rule of this Tournament change your usual approach to color stacking or team building?
  • Are there elements of this week’s Tournament that are unclear to you?
  • Do you have feedback on the Tournament matchmaking?

:clipboard: Defense Team Tracking

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  • Which day of the Tournament is it?
  • How may times have you been attacked today, and in total?
  • What is your Defense Team’s win/loss record today, and in total?
  • What Defense Grade does your Defense Team have?
  • Which heroes make up your Defense Team?
  • What is the Team Power of your Defense Team?
  • What is your current Tournament Score and Ranking?

:gem: After the Tournament: Share Your Results & Rewards!

:world_map: Log & Guide to Raid Tournaments

A Log of past Tournaments, and an overview of how Raid Tournaments work, including Special Rules and Restrictions, Attacking, Matchmaking, Defense Grade, Scoring, and Rewards.

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costumed rigard time!

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Tournament de Guv

If the rules stand I think that C-Rigard will indeed shine!!

Click for Performance Last Time



22 wins, 3 losses

This time:



Think I’ll go this time: Hope I don’t mess up Sonya like last week. :rofl:


Thoughts anyone? I have a lack of purple hitters but still want to try mono. Wise or not wise :face_with_monocle:

Cheshire Cat will be on 3/70 before the tournaments starts, leveling the Cat as we speak


I will say not wise. Had my worst results going mono.

Really don’t know why you are not using the best hero this week : Rigard costumed


Way too passive, Cat and Proteus being the only two “hitters” (and DoT at that).

Also what Viking said about mono, my mono defenses also always completely underperform for whatever reason.

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OP all updated :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply, and yes, C Rigard will be used but wasn’t ready yet. At the end of the day he is.

Had great results last time with holy 4* mono, two tournaments back. So I thought to go on with that in mind :sweat_smile:


No costumed Rigard here, so I’m going with this. Will activate two more nodes on Buddy before tournament starts if I end up putting him in defense. I’d appreciate some general feedback, but in particular to the following:

  1. Tank: CTibs or Buddy? How would you change the line up if Buddy was tank?

  2. Put in LJ for Buddy? Would punish a terrible board more, but also riskier.

Any input appreciated.



I’d reconsider your order: Proteus - Sonya - CRigs - Brynhild - Colen

You might want to consider putting Proteus in at all and putting Kelile in instead. In that case, I’d swap Sonya with Kelile, although Kelile would be hard to remove from wing with her talent.


open to suggestions :slight_smile: (May I pick your brain again @Vikingblood80 - nice defense btw!)

Option 1: middle core of Purples, though iffy about Sabina (she’s great for her dispel, but still a bit squishy). two buffers (Triton, Cyprian) and two dispellers (Caed, Sabina).


Option 2: total of 5 buffs (1 Cyp + 2 Kiril + 2 Mel), two dispellers (Caed + Mel), one HoT and one straight heal. I think this one will end up working better.


Other options:

image image

  • Other Purples are Proteus (better on offense than defense); and Rigard (I don’t have his costume, he’s great but dispellers and buffers are more useful here…)
  • thought about Scarlett in place of Mel to avoid doubling up on a color, but realized that Red-stackers have to deal with a Kiril flank, while Green-stackers are neutral against all but Kiril…
  • left out Sonya, as I already have Kiril (as a Blue) and Caed (does the same thing)
  • other 4* buffers are Boldtusk (but Kiril is better for this one), Lancelot (works better on offense IMO), Gadeirus (too slow)
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Tricky as you have a lot of options. First of all I would go with Costumed Tiburtus as your tank…more deadly than Cyprian. Got another ranger emblems for him for node 7 to increase the chance to trigger his ability?

Paladin class is nice, as it will add an extra buff.

Triton together with 2 healers?
Melendor and Kiril overwrite defense of each other. Triton + HoT looks good.

High emblems count a lot.

So throwing this alltogether giving you something more to think:

Caedmon Kiril Tiburtus_C Cyprian Sonya

… Or move Cyprian out for Proteus.

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thanks, that’s some really great brainstorming there!

I was indeed thinking of adding another node to Tibs (I use him all the time in my Purple stacks), so up to +7 he goes :slight_smile: makes sense, I use him more than fellow Ranger Triton (who is also +7 cause I got him earlier)…

good catch re Mel/Kiril overwriting. Whoopsy.

I like your final reco. Two dispellers, total of 3 buffs. That core is going to hurt.

Interesting choice re Proteus on defense, but I’ve tried him out there and he didn’t do so well. Even Sabina won more defenses than he did (all else being the same). He’s still my main man on offense though!

But this is not too bad as you are probably attacked by a lot of def down and each of them will overwrite.

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I could do Triton or Scarlett instead…but both are weaker at 1 emblem…What do you suggest? Sumitomo or Boldtusk at +1 but with average only.

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ah, now that emblems come into play… if Triton or Scarlett had almost as many emblems as Proteus, I would go for them. but 1 emblem vs. 10 emblems can make a big difference… Triton is nice but you already have two blues in Kiril and Sonya, adding a third is just inviting Green stacks. And sure, you have Gormek, but one Red not enough.

I also struggle to fit Scarlett in. If she’s like +15, great because she will dodge a lot. But only one emblem means limited dodging, and she doesn’t buff or dispel.

I would leave your defense as is, with Proteus +10. I guess you don’t have Sabina?

Yeah, I thought about Mel over Sonya first because, two Blues (Kiril + Sonya) might invite Green stacks. although, they are separated by Tibs and Cyprian, so not so bad. But I like the balance of having three hitters (Caed, Sonya, Tibs). On the other hand, costumed Mel is tempting because he both dispels AND buffs, and the attack buffs will stack faster (hopefully making up for the lack of offensive skills). I’ll think about Sonya vs. Mel for wing, but the rest of the defense is totally set :slight_smile:

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