10 Gravemakers

What would you do if you summoned 10 Gravemakers? Would you keep them all?

I wouldn’t. I’d stop summoning after the second


Ha ha. Fat like @NPNKY.
Don’t want to be unpolite @Krystal but that was exactly what i thought when i read your post…so sorry.

Put them all on 2 teams each so every time you try to select him it will say “already in your team”

I just couldn’t stop myself. Lol. I really wanted Red Hood.

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I wish we had trade capabilities in the game…

Lol. I loved to have gravemaker as i had no 5* red at this time…:laughing:

If you were really enamored of him in AW, then you could keep 6 so you’d have one for each AW team!

Personally, I’d level one, keep one un-leveled, and eat the rest.

I’m sure other’s will chime in with “storage is cheap, keep’em all!”


The only good reason to keep more than 3 is anticipation of a trading system. Even 3 seems high, but storage is cheap.


Use them for war :wink:

I’d keep them all just so I could show them to hubby when he makes me mad. :smiley:

Seriously, keeping 6 for Wars makes sense. I’d be happy with just 1 though…

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Yeh. This is how luck is distributed across the game. :-1:

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I had 13 in attempting to gain Red Hood. Never did pick her up, but yeah 13 GMs. I have 3 and the other 10 helped push Marjana to max.

Well, I can’t whine much. Just scored a Gregorian yesterday on a single epic token I got from an ice chest. Still, a girl can dream :smiley:

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You need all of them:

One to make graves
One to mark graves
One to make gravy
One to mark gravely
One to engrave marks
One to engage gravity
One to mock greatly
One to grate mates
One to mate groves
And one to mix greasy


Seems some Folks have tooooo much money for some Bits and Bytes

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I got gregorian on a single elemental yesterday myself, gotta love that.

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I would keep 1 & level up with 4 grave makers twice. I would level the last single with more reds to get 3 specials in total (& to level it up as quick as possible)

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Please don’t be judgy. You do not know OP’s budget or even how many pulls beyond 10 that she made. It’s cool if you don’t spend much/any but if others want to spend money that’s cool too. It’s a game and there’s many ways to enjoy it! :slight_smile:


I had 4 Vivicas at one point (all from TC20 if you can believe it) and I kept two. One of them still isn’t fully leveled, and that’s the thing; you can keep them, but will you ever be able to level them all?