10 gems for "the inconvenience"?

I would say this is nothing more than a improper insult! You could just as easily said “here’s 10 gems, that’s how little we care about your problems” 1000 or 2000 gems would signal a proper apology!


Has there been an inconvenience?


Actually, they could have just as easily done nothing. I have been playing online games for years and server downtime is a reality that happens. The gesture of gems was not even needed as far as I’m concerned, it’s a free game. You need to lower your entitlement bar down a few notches.


yes they could have done nothing and yes they could have done better. 10 gems doesn’t buy anything in this game an epic summon token would have been perfect. Just a side note “free game” to money players who drop hundreds of dollars on this game that is not entitlement it really is a slap in the face.

What exactly you talking about?

Edit. Oh, ok, nvm.

I agree - reported i gad a known issue this morning and as you say got 10 gems for the inconvenience - pathetic and frankly insulting.

Give them to me, then


I have played many online games for many years myself. In my last game Castle Clash (which has more or less the same in game currency) you would get 200 gems after each update as a rule, if anything unseen would occur that there would be a problem one would get up to 800 gems for the “inconvenience” And this update have presented several major bugs! First off, many players couldn’t even update at all, needing to wait over a day. Then the chat deletes itself several times, I managed to do several runs on my expedition chest only to be reset back to 0, the “flash offer” sturdy shield ++ couldn’t be purchased, many couldn’t log in to the game for several hours due to maxed server capacity.

Y’all got 10 free gems in return for a bit of server downtime, and your response is to say that this is an “insult” and that you want “1000 or 2000” gems instead.

Have I got that right? Just want to be sure that I understand correctly.


Update taking over a day is a Google issue not SPG and happens on every update for other games too. APPLE sometimes lags.
I had 0 inconvenience in anything. Not even a chat issue so 10 gems for nothing. I wouldn’t even had thought they’d give gems for this.
SPG hasnt given out gems previously for inconvenience (at least as far back as Easter) so 10 is infinitely better than 0


I’d love to hear about all the inconvenience players have suffered that they think is worth 1000 or 2000 gems.


Same here, no issue at all and thats why can’t understand the topic, lol.


HAHAHAHAHAHA! I know, right?!?

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Some people could not log in since the last update or have been kicked out of the game permanently so they were forced to reinstall the game every day to play :slight_smile:
Just for those who don’t know why they got gems :smiley:
I am happy that they apologized and showed some good will with a little present.

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all the more reason to SAVE YOUR PROGRESS in the game center/googleplay…

Any money you invest into this game is for Gems and Resources. There is no place where you pay money for server access. Game downtime affects p2w players same as it does f2p. If you feel that’s a slap in the face, you’d better turn the other cheek because you’ll be getting slapped a lot in your life.

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Personally I could care less either way @zizzzy , but if I had invested alot of money and lost my account because of an update I could see how 10 gems would be a slap in the face that’s all I was saying…

Only inconvenience I went through was alliance chat disappearing a few times, hardly a big deal and 10 free gems was nice and unexpected. I am convinced that some people will just bitch about anything. If they would have given you 1000 gems you would have been on here bitching how you rolled 3 3*s from your free gems…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


i know khaldris well since he is an alliance comrade. I will start by convenience. Some of us simply cannot log in the game,as I posted in vugs, allegedly because server is too busy. Second, we get kicked out of alliance and chat every 10 minutes or so, including when hiting titans, which brings a zero result. This has to be the most bugged update in this game. A lot of aye sayers say it happens, aye it does, but it should not! And to add offence to injury they offer us 10 diamonds!
I know khal, as I said, he plays for a much longer time than I do (5 months).time enough to have Ares maxed. The nerfed down ares and alberitch, btw. He took the trouble to register here and complain, and in that I have the advantage of you as he only normally blasts me.If that is not an action of someone who wants the game to succeed then I do not know what. Aye saying is easy, and plenty around to do it. People who actually love the game and want it to succeed, and pay for it gladly should not be mauled by those who just want to look good. He is the fabled middle spender, he may not spend a fortune, but he does spend well enough to have heroes capable of causing 50t to 80 k damage in an 8* titan
I do know SG faces loads of problems, but simply releasing unready things or correcting errors later willnot do.

So the complaint is that for a couple of days it has sometimes been difficult to log in, and players have sometimes been bumped. This has been so awful that it is horrifying that it occurred, the offer of 10 gems for the inconvenience is an insult, and a more suitable offer would have been 1000-2000 gems.

Is that about right?

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